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18 Best Websites to Watch HK Dramas Online For Free

If you are looking for the best sites to watch HK movies, and Hong Kong Drama online with English subtitles, look no further. You are now on your last search. We show you the best websites and the best platform where you can stream your best Hong Kong movies (Cantonese Movies) all for free! Many people have some interesting HK movies on their phone but can’t enjoy it because it has no subtitles and since they can’t hear the language, it doesn’t make sense.

You must have had such situations. And I guess that’s why you look for where you can watch hong kong drama, movies online free with English subtitles. You’re not alone in this.

Others look for the same, just like you do right away So relax as we show the sites watching HK movies with English subtitles. Whether you’re a fan of HK Movies or just a regular HK drama lover, you’ll want to find out where to watch HK drama online free.

Want to know the best sites for watching free HK Drama online free and safely? Check this out!

Best Sites To Watch Hong Kong Drama Online With English Subtitles

Here is a list of the best free Hong Kong drama stream websites for both slow and fast internet connections:

1. aDrama

aDrama is the #1 HK drama app with over 6000+ Hong Kong dramas and movies. They are currently leading the industry in premium HK streaming video provider of full-length feature HK movies in on-demand superior HD up to 1080p. aDrama is designed to provide an excellent experience with a user-friendly user interface, various categories and good services.

This is a great app that can help you save time and make viewing easier. There are many categories of features that you can view from the inside.

You should definitely give it a try if you need a good app to watch HK Drama free in high quality.


  • Universal app for mobile, tablet, Android TV
  • Enjoy your favorite Hong Kong drama in Cantonese
  • Search quickly with your voice.
  • Add drama to favorites list.
  • Group drama through years.
  • Keep watching function.
  • Google Cast, Chrome Cast.

The best part, aDrama is a universal watch hong kong drama online free app that can be compatible with all Android devices from mobile, tablet to TV box, Smart TV, etc.

2. Azdrama

Azdrama movies free - hong kong drama online

watch hong kong drama online

Azdrama is another well-known name among HK movie lovers. With Azdrama you can gush movies of HK, English, Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam, Bengali and Kannada in one place. Azdrama has huge collection of HK dramas and TV shows, but it is no that famous at the moment.

In case you want to watch HK drama online, TVB Drama, HK Movies, TVB Shows in Cantonese and Download free at a high level and you don’t discover it at Azdrama, you can make use of the search box to find what you are looking for. Here you can watch  films with channels like Years, Popular, and Latest. When you float to a movie, you can realize subtleties like Category, Genre, Status, Country, Language, and Subtitle. If you have a question, please check their FAQ area at the time.

3. KissAsian – Watch HK Drama Website

KissAsian - Watch HK Drama

If you want to watch new Hong Kong movies on the internet, you are going to love movies at that time. KissAsian is a kind of film site of FMovies. Here you can discover all recently released HK movies and dramas. It has an extraordinary collection of HK movies that you can watch without making a record.

Not only does KissAsian provide an room to watch HK movies, but you can also here indefinitely stream hong kong drama online eng sub, China Drama, Indonesia Drama, Japan Drama, Malaysia Drama, North Korea Drama, Philippines Drama, Singapore Drama, South Korea Drama, Taiwan Drama, and Thailand Drama online free.

Indeed, even you don’t need to remember another name to sit in front of the TV, also indicates. In one line, it is your closest companion no matter what you need to watch, you will discover everything here with faster flow, if recently released movies occur, the movie quality will not be great like other Hong Kong movie sites.

4. NewAsianTV – Watch Hong Kong Drama Online Free

NewAsianTV HK Drama

NewAsianTV is one of the safest websites for watching TVB drama online. NewAsianTV content is available for free and you do not need to create an account to use this service.

Experience with watching movies with New Asian TV is waw. Since there are only a few sites that set up an office to watch free movies without too many annoying promotions and pop-ups, NewAsianTV is one of them.

Here you can watch new fired Hong Kong movies, old movies named after Cantonese Movies. Watching a movie is a 3-stage procedure, finding your ideal movie and tapping the video you watch last.

HK Dramas are sorted annually. New Asian TV also offers various dialect films, such as many different movie sites.

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In case we are talking about species it needs. Here you can sort by year, language and one after the other. Or just hunt by name again. No choice to demand a movie. In case you don’t find your ideal movie, you should look at another site. Movie collection is greater in contrast to different sites. New Asian TV continues to refresh their database with the most recently released HK Dramas.

5. HK TV Drama

HK TV Drama Watch Best HK Drama 2021 Online

Still on the list of sites to enjoy unlimited free hong kong movies online without downloading, HKTVDrama is a free HK Drama site that allows you to watch hong kong drama online eng sub. If you’re willing to watch hk drama online, it’s a one-stop search for you at the time. Here you can stream all TV programs, and HK movies from stations. In addition, it also allows you to view live news. You can find every HK movie under the Hong Kong segment. So finding your ideal movie can take a while.

Programs are classified based on TV channels. Here you can observe any kind of HK movies, HK drama, HK show, including Korean drama and the sky is the limit from there. HK TV Drama is very easy to understand.

6. Adrama.to

Adrama to

Adrama.to offers you the easiest method to watch and download HK movies on the internet. In any case, it is a first-class stage, which is why you don’t have to pay to watch hong kong action movies online.

Adrama is not limited to HK movies, it presents to you all Indian dialect movies and TV shows. Database of films is huge. A site is structured professionally. Finding a movie here is a simple task because of channels. To start, you can sort a video based on the language and then on the class. The Adrama site beats other movie sites when we talk about the best locations to watch new HK drama online at a high level.

In summary, HK TV Drama allows you to watch the best HK Drama Online 2020, HK movies and also HK TV … watch HK TV Drama, watch hk movie online, Hong Kong movie, Cold War 2 free!

7. Hkfree TV

If you are looking for where to watch hong kong horror movies online free, Hkfree is one of the best among the best hotspots for excitement. Here you can discover everything regarding HK films. If you happen to want to watch new free hong kong movies online without downloading, Hkfree is definitely not a good decision for you at the time. Be that as it may, in case you are the person who likes old HK movies, here you can find out that you are using hunt box effectively. Movie video quality fluctuates movie to movie.

Watching HK Drama online with HkfreeTV is a two stage process, searching for movies and hitting the play catch and that’s it. Participation is at your own discretion. Besides HK movies, you can also watch various movies here such as Bollywood movies, Hollywood movies and South Indian movies with name and so on.

8. Icdrama se

Icdrama releases films and TV indicates that administrations from 2013 have been spilled. It’s also an exceptional stage like NewAsianTV, a few movies and TV shows that you can access with a free record. To watch HK movies online for free and TV appears, you have to choose the free choice you found in the movie area just like the TV segment.

As of now, Icdrama se has 12 dialect movies in their abundant database. No request movies and TV demonstrations are accessible, among others.

It is unintentionally not a good decision in case you are looking for a site to watch new Cantonese Movies online for free. Motivation to note here is that if various destinations do not work or are banned by the government, you have the choice to watch HK movies on the internet.

9. WhatDrama

Whatdrama Watch HK Drama Online

Next on the list is the most favorite of Korean anime lovers “WhatDrama.com“.

This website is visited by millions of people from all over the world.

Speaking of the highlighting feature, the website allows the user to play HK movie series even at low internet speed. Some very special browsing options make it easy for users to access various HK dramas online for life.

Although the website is similar to our first option NewAsianTV and is also considered the largest hub for HK dramas.

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10. DramaCool9

DramaCool9 is another very popular one but similar to some of the websites mentioned above.It also offers the same great amount of Hong Kong, Asian, Chinese and Japanese dramas.

Also provides easy navigation to a wide variety of Asian and Hong Kong dramas.

An interesting thing about this website is that it is one of the oldest Cantonese Movies sites available on the internet.

11. DramaNice

Dramanice HK MOVIES

If you’re looking for the best site to download HK romantic movies and action movies with English subtitles, DramaNice is among the best. DramaNice is a classic website that offers tons of HK dramas from all categories such as action, love sequence etc. The website is simple and straightforward. You can watch your favorite Cantonese Movies painlessly without fear of malware. Their dramas are updated daily and new HK movies are added to keep you updated. In general, it should be your point of contact if you feel like watching cool dramas.

 12. AsianCrush

AsianCrush - watch hk drama online

watch hk drama online

AsianCrush is a perfect website for watching English sub-Korean dramas. This content streaming site features Korean, Chinese, Thai, Japanese and Taiwanese dramas and movies.

AsianCrush.com listings on-air and completed dramas separately. Some of the latest dramas you can find on AsianCrush include A Lifetime Treasure, Oolong Courtyard Kung Fu School, Spy Dad, Shed Skin Papa, and Kung Fu Angels.

13. SmallEncode

Smallencode is one of the most favorite websites to download free HK dramas online.People who run this website really put in a lot of effort that is clearly visible.

Tons of new Hong Kong drama series are uploaded to the website every day.

Speaking of the navigation, the website has every simple layout that allows the user to download their favorite drama series with one click.

 14. Qdrama

Qdrama - watch hong kong drama online

watch hong kong drama online

Qdrama is one of Hong Kong’s best known interest management videos. Registration is not important to watch movies if you do, you will get some additional benefits.

Last but not the least, we have Qdrama, one of the most popular and highly recommended sites useful for watching HK drama online with ‘vivid’ clarifications. Qdrama.tv was created to help users “refresh” their Cantonese and it does an excellent job of offering them an ‘overwhelming list of the latest HK drama from’ different ‘genres. On Qdrama, users can “painlessly choose to download or watch a show, and there is a Cantonese and English subtitle option that” helps make “things” understandable. Most of the HK dramas on Qdrama are of high quality and it is really reliable, despite the fact that it uses “cyberlockers” for downloading HK dramas.

Visit Qdrama website

15. OK Drama

OkDrama is a good website to watch Hong Kong Dramas, best HK Drama, HK Movies, HK TV Show and other Asian dramas / movies recently. It is an international streaming platform like icdrama and azdrama, HKTVDrama, and WoAiKanXi websites.

OKDrama is another very popular site to watch free Hong Kong dramas. It allows the user to search for top and super successful HK drama series that actually saves a lot of time from the viewers. Finally, the site is famous for TVB Dramas and has a huge number of serials on its homepage.


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16. BestDrama

If you are looking for where to watch TVB Drama online, bestdrama.net is another very popular but classic site offering tons of tvb dramas series by category. By this we mean categories related to action, feelings and love.

The best part about this site is that it is very simple and clear. The layout is perfect. Allows the user to download painful Dramas without hesitation.

Although this site is similar to HKTVDrama.com and is considered the largest hub to download hk dramas.

 Visit BestDrama site

17. Newtvdrama

Newtvdrama is another well-known and widely accepted site to watch and download HK dramas for free. The series played on the site are in high quality HD.

The layout of the site allows easy navigation between serial and watch hk drama. Speaking of the best part, the site is very competitive and provides free access to a wide variety of TVB Drama online.

Visit New TV Drama

18. TVBAnywhere+

TVB Anywhere is TVB’s official over-the-top (OTT) service, offering a large archive of classic and up-to-date TVB programs for overseas viewers.

If you are looking for where to watch Hong Kong drama online with Eng sub, TVB Anywhere offers the latest releases of TVB Dramas ranging from the best romance, mystery, action, family Cantonese TV shows.



Image credits: tvbanywhere.com/

Best TVB Series

  • Life After Death
  • Death by Zero
  • Line Walker 3
  • Come Home Love: Lo and Behold
  • Al Cappuccino
  • Of Greed and Ants
  • Brutally Young
  • Flying Tigers II
  • On-lie Game
  • The Dripping Sauce
  • The Exorcist’s Second Meter
  • Airport Strikers
  • Forensic Heroes 4
  • Legal Mavericks 2020
  • Brutally Young

Why are many HK drama websites closed?

The rapid rise in popularity of HK dramas has created many illegal websites. As you may know, downloading, streaming and redistributing copyrighted content is an illegal activity. Recently, many producers and filmmakers have taken strict measures against services that participate in the above activities.

Where can you download the English subtitles of HK Drama for free?

Some of the best websites to download the English subtitles of the HK dramas for free include Smallencode, Icdrama, DramaNice  and DramaCool9.

Final Thoughts

So this was all about the 18 best websites to watch and download free Hong Kong dramas online (TVB Series). If you find it helpful, let us know in the comment section below, I’d love to hear it.

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