Types of Bathroom Taps for your Home

Installing the right tap at your home is as essential as choosing the perfect bath. Taps play a major role in providing the finishing touch as well as they are the most important part of a bathroom. The best thing about these taps is they come in a variety of types, styles, and different functions. You can pick up according to your taste as you can find multiple choices from modern to traditional styles.

The recent developments in the trends and styles of bathroom taps are continuously encouraging the manufacturers to create unique and exciting faucets to add an eccentric look to your bathroom. The multiple advantages of these taps can surprise you as it comes in a huge variety.

You should implement bathroom accessories according to your need, and by knowing all the functions of different taps, you can easily choose the right tap for your bathroom. For your convenience, we have curated a list of different types of taps and their function. Take a look below.

Pillar Taps

These taps are one of the most common taps, especially in the United Kingdom. Pillar taps are individual and can be fitted into basins and bath that have space for two taps, implement one of hot and one for cold water. They also come with their valves that can be used to control the flow of water.

Deck Mounted Taps

These taps are also known as surface-mounted taps that are installed at your worktop instead of the wall or floor. Deck mounted taps are the most common taps across the globe due to its simplicity, and the major feature of these taps is that they provide trouble-free access to pipes to pour the water into basin or tub.

Sometimes these taps can be directly fitted into the sink or basin where you have to wash your dish or face if basin or sink is equipped with a tap hole.
Integrated Overflow Taps
Integrated overflow taps come to offer you a different way to pour water into your bathtub. As the name of this tap contains the word ‘overflow,’ it refers to the term that they are fitted on the wastewater overflow. These taps come in a twisted circular shape that can be used to mix hot and cold water.

These taps are located at the place where you can witness the waste overflow hole, and these taps keep the potential to pour water in your bathtub as well as remove the excess water by being connected with the waste pipe and water pipe.

Shower/Bath Mixer Taps

Show or Bath Mixer taps are the mixture of a handheld showerhead and bath fillers that allow you to pour water on your entire body. It is not an ideal tap for basins while works best as all in one tap that keeps the potential to wash your clothes and bathe your body as a shower.

Bath Filler Taps

Bath Filler Taps


These taps also act as mix taps that mix up the hot and cold water before it exits from the pipe or tap. You control the temperature and flow of the water in these taps through its two levers or handles. It is an ideal tap if you want to fill your tub with water of the desired temperature as well as they don’t need high water pressure to work effectively.

Mixer Taps

Mixer taps are also known as Monobloc taps, as they used only one tap hole and also being used in a huge number in recent times. It usually mixes the hot and cold water before it leaves the faucet to give you ideal water to take a bath. These taps are most used in winters to prevent frozen water and get even temperature of water for various purposes such as bathing and washing.

Wall Mounted Taps

As their name says it all, these taps are mounted on the wall and used to fill the tub or in the basin. They fall under the contemporary faucets, which looks classy and give an eccentric look to your bathroom. Wall Mounted taps can be difficult to repair as all the fitting hidden in the wall that makes it a huge challenge for a plumber to reactivate again.

Zip Instant Hot Water Taps

Zip instant hot water taps are one of the most popular taps in the category of contemporary taps. They are very much suitable for tea, coffee, and cooking as it gives you hot water instantly that can be used for multiple purposes. You can install Zip instant hot water taps in your bathroom to get hot water immediately as well as in your kitchen where it can make cooking easy and fast.

Zip Instant hot water taps are also used at professional places such as offices, workplace, etc. so that an employee can save his time in boiling the water for tea and coffee. He can instantly dispense hot water from these taps and prepare his fluid.

Floor Mounted Taps

Floor Mounted Taps


These taps are the result of the recent development in the industry, which is used as bath taps. These taps neither implemented in a hidden way in the wall like wall mounted taps nor come with hidden plumbing like deck mounted taps. These taps emerge from the floor up to your bathtub, which means you can place your bathtub in any corner of your bathroom as long as these taps can reach that area.

The Final Words

Each tap has a specific feature that can be useful for different people. For example, some people prefer to have wall-mounted taps at their place while some implement floor-mounted taps to make sure the easy maintenance and repair of the tap.

In the market of taps, you will find a huge range of taps from traditional classy to the eccentric contemporary. Both categories can make your bathroom lovely, but it depends on you whether you want to keep it old-fashioned or wish to join the race of new things.

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