Importance of Choosing the Right Type of Basketball Court Surface

When it comes to improving the performance of the players and avoiding injuries, choosing the right type of basketball playground surface is highly important. Thanks to technology, there are different types of basketball court flooring options available to choose from. The days are gone when players played indoors on wood, tile or tartar surface or outdoors on concrete or asphalt. In the modern era, there are so many options available to choose from. Choices for indoor basketball court are completely different from choices for the outdoor basketball court. If you are interested to know more about types of basketball court surfaces, simply scroll down:

Basketball Court Surface

Knowing the Right Type of Basketball Court Surface

Hardwood: Hardwood court is the most premium choice for indoor basketball courts. When it comes to NBA stadiums and premier NCAA arenas, this is the most popular choice of court. As the name suggests, it is a dense wood that comes with fine fiber that makes it resistant to splintering. It includes a number of features like exceptional durability, low or no maintenance, and more. There are several types of wood surfaces, including hardwood that cannot be used for outdoor courts because UV ways, rains, and other natural elements may damage the quality of wood and warp the surface.

Asphalt: The majority of players learn basketball on outdoor courts like community parks, driveways or any neighborhood streets. This type of basketball court remains the perfect surface because of its strength and ability to withstand bad weather conditions. Unfortunately, this surface will break down over time. Moreover, it can be prone to cracks, chips, and other surface imperfections. It can lead to injuries, especially in the case of falls where its hard nature can lead to cuts, worse, or scrapes.

Multi-purpose: There are so many manufacturers that produce basketball court surfaces from multi-purpose plastic flooring. Its construction starts with a smooth slab of concrete for a durable foundation. It includes a top surface of modular polypropylene squares snapped together in different shapes, sizes and designs. It offers superior traction, a reliable ball bounce, and enhanced safety, including minimal skin abrasions. The multi-purpose surface can be used in other surfaces such as volleyball, street hockey, tennis, soccer, and many more. It can withstand outdoor elements or can apply indoors with affecting the performance of the players.

Advanced: There are so many multi-purpose courts that come with advanced features in order to help responsiveness as well as playability. Today, there are so many companies that offer advanced surface solutions, including flooring with a rubber layer between the concrete foundation, polypropylene, and sound dampening for better absorption. In addition to this, it is known for its durability and moisture resistance.

Concrete: It is one of the most amazing floor surfaces for outdoor basketball courts. It is highly convenient and needs basic equipment and manpower to pour and set. It is cost-effective and can be smoothed out to provide a very consistent surface for basketball. Moreover, it is highly durable and long-lasting. It is perfect for hot as well as cold weather as it has been installed properly with a vapor barrier and sealant.

Tiles: Sports tiles are perfect for large court for basketball and other sports activities. They are the perfect alternative to any floor surface. They come with interlock feature that makes them the perfect choice for flat areas that are not in good conditions for basketball. They are weather-proof and temporary. Hence, they can be eliminated in the off-season. They are perfect for both indoor and outdoor grounds.

Depending on your needs and requirements, you can choose the right type of Basketball Court Surfacing and enhance the performance and safety of players.

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