5 Easy Ways to Track Social Metrics for WordPress Sites

Social Metrics for WordPress

How to Track Social Metrics for WordPress Sites – Owning a WordPress site brings numerous advantages to the table. One among them is the sharing of the content to the social media. When you post content on your WordPress site, a large number of users on the internet go through it. If they like it, chances are they may consider sharing your content with people who matter to them the most via social media. Most WordPress sites on the internet showcase attractive themes to incorporate social buttons that facilitate the sharing of content. The WordPress customization service plays an important role in it.

Just as a business thrives on its customer base, a website thrives on the number of visitors to it. Regardless of the purpose, the number of visitors who visit a website constitutes its traffic. How do you know if you’ve had a desirable number of visitors on your WordPress website? Of course, there are some specific tools to track this development. Social metrics is one among them.

If you own a WordPress website, there are different ways to track its social metrics. This post will outline some such ways.

Plugins for monitoring social metrics on WordPress sites
Unlike the websites of other platforms, the ones that are based on WordPress have the benefit of WordPress plugins. Designed for meeting various requirements, these plugins come together to make a WordPress website an asset to a webmaster.

Here’s the list of some handy WordPress plugins to track social metrics on WordPress sites.

Social Stats Panel

If your WordPress site has a blog section, which it should definitely have, you can find out the number of times your content is shared on social media using Social Stats Panel. It works fine with Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Its social stats panel actively shows the number of shares.

Social Metrics

This WordPress plugin comes across with both free and premium options. Other than showing the number of times posts on Facebook and Twitter are shared, it also shows the same for LinkedIn, Digg, and StumbleUpon. Based on your preference, you can also switch to viewing the status concerning your posts either date wise or by selecting your preferred categories. The pro version of it allows you to export data in the form of Microsoft Excel.

Other handy tools for tracking social metrics on WordPress sites

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is a handy social metrics tool that allows you to reach out to a large number of target audiences. It brings multiple benefits, albeit in a single package. With this handy tool, you can integrate your social media accounts with your planned schedule for publishing your content.

Apart from simplifying the procedure to publish your content on the internet, it also allows you to build meaningful engagement with your target audience. Among other things, it provides you with a benchmark to measure your interaction. You can either use analytics or the feature of hearing to keep abreast of the kind of traffic your website has been generating for a specific duration.

Plus, it also offers a number of other features. Other than interpreting the data that matters to you the most, you can also track your performance with regard to your goals. With a customizable report builder, tailored to your needs, you can also devise your social media strategy. Using the tool, you can track the performance of your competitor in a hassle-free way. This way, you can decide if things are going according to your plan or you need to change your strategy.


If you want to tap the potential of knowing social metrics and wish to keep it at your fingertips, then there is no better option for you to accomplish the task than using HootSuite. This is another tool that brings in a number of options to make your life easy for managing social media and tracking the data linked to it for your business purpose.

HootSuite analytics constitutes the most powerful aspect of HootSuite. It consists of over 200 metrics. After integrating your social media account with it, you will get reports on timeframes, performance, engagement, and posts from time to time. Besides, it also works well in conjunction with a number of other tools. It supports all leading social media platforms.

If you wish to try out the features of this tool, you would be better off optic for a free 30-day trial. If you like its features and believe they can benefit your business in the long run, you may consider subscribing to it at the subsequent stages.


Whether you wish to optimize your website for SEO or SMO, SEMRush is the one-stop solution for both. Along with the tools for SEO optimization, it also comes access with a useful social media toolkit.

It works like a charm with the majority of social media websites. The reports generated by it will let you find out which posts are high on demand among your target audience on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other supported social media providers.

Final thoughts

Thus, there is a plenty of scope for a WordPress webmaster to share their content on their website with the target audience by tapping the potential of social media. The presence of social buttons can facilitate it even further. Whether you are planning to build a WordPress website or have an existing one, that your WordPress web designer chooses a design that integrates well with the aforementioned WordPress plugins nd toolkits.

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