The Top Four Enterprise Task Tracking Software of 2020

Software Applications & Tools are becoming very popular and have acquired an important position in every aspect now. There is a variety of Enterprise Task Tracking software available for any needs or applications. Using such tools makes your work easier and saves both your time and effort. But before knowing about various Enterprise Task Tracking software and their usage, let us first know what an Enterprise Task Tracking software is and why are they important?

Task Tracking

 So, what exactly is an Enterprise Task Tracking Software?

An Enterprise Task Tracking software helps manage & track the task of a large project seamlessly, effectively, and helps you finish your task within your deadline. Enterprise Task Tracking software not only helps in planning project estimation, mapping resources, milestones, etc., but they also help in problem identification & managing the priority of methods & resources as per the situation. Your task tracking software should be customized to the organization’s projects and employees’ needs.

So, How to decide which is the Right Enterprise Task Tracking Software?

For Large Enterprise Task Tracking

Task Tracking software for Large Enterprise projects should include a program that can manage big and minor operations all over the business. It could require project tracking tools such as portfolio management of projects, messaging apps, file sharing, calendars, and scheduling.

For mid-sized enterprise Task Tracking

Choosing a Task Tracking software for Mid-sized enterprises is more difficult. For example, if you have a ton of customers and vendors, you might need a complete tech package with an ability to cater to billing and invoicing. Still, if your divisions are largely siloed, you might need to concentrate your efforts on company-wide communication tools. Do an in-depth and Figure what your ideal software features should be and invest in it.

Now, why do we require an Enterprise Task Tracking Software?

An Enterprise Task Tracking Software is important because it provides with following prime benefits:

  1. An Enterprise Task Tracking System offers scalability and versatility in designing and customizing its task strategy to meet client and customer needs.
  2. It helps organize the work activity and thus reduces the risk of a data breach and enhances work efficiency. It encourages cooperation and ensures constant connectivity, thereby contributing to an improvement in total efficiency.
  3. You can quickly prioritize assignments according to the company’s needs, and you get alerts for the prompt implementation of tasks.
  4. You can handle tasks and activities every day, anywhere, and anytime; only you need an internet link.

Though the main objective is to fulfill the same function, i.e., recognizing criteria, handling basic task lists, supporting collaboration, and eventually increasing efficiency, we concentrated on the top 4 Enterprise task tracking software:


PlanStreet provides a time management device for staff that also serves as an advanced alerting system for administrators if any issues occur. To address these, it encourages timely contact. Team members can monitor and execute assignments from a specific Kanban board, utilizing the task monitoring program for all projects allocated to them. The board offers four types of drag-and-drop status category tabs, namely, To Perform, In Progress, Completed, and Marked – using which project managers can receive the latest updates all the time.

Pros of using PlanStreet

  • Easy to learn
  • Team scheduling available, time tracking, and easy task management
  • Keeps your projects all in one tool
  • Less work for you to do as PlanStreet provides you with a full portfolio view of all projects in your organization can manage workflows for any project. It will enable you to assign and track tasks across teams and projects and follow operations. It has email apps, Calendar integration, date alerts, time monitoring, Graphs & Observations, and Shapes.


  • It is a highly customizable tool along with easy to use user interface and provides the best collaboration features

Available Platforms: Cloud Hosted, Open API, Devices Supported, Windows, Mac, iPhone/iPad, Android, & Web-based.


Nifty is a collaborative Enterprise task Tracking Software with assignments in the Kanban-format that help teams organize, coordinate, and prioritize projects flexibly while handling feedback and deadlines quickly. The assignments can be connected to goals and quickly monitored. Nifty has strong flexibility to help the staff to be highly functional but also reducing the repetitive activities.


  • Beautiful interface, very intuitive
  • Ease of use and transitioning
  • Great support team

Available Platforms: Web-based, Android, iOS, Mac, Windows.


Meister Task is a very good, user-friendly task management software application as it is completely intuitive, quick, and convenient to use. Organize your tasks in beautifully designed project boards in the Kanban-style of MeisterTask. It gives you a visual overview of them to track them from ideation to the final product.

You can add n number of users to the project and use mentions and comments to communicate with them. Users can then communicate more efficiently and operate together in real-time because all data, details, and documentation relevant to a job stay in one unified place.

Pros: Task automation and integrations with all your regular tools such as Slack, GitHub, Freshdesk, Office 365, Microsoft Teams, G Suite, etc. and can be done on-the-go using our mobile apps available for iOS and Android.

Platforms Available: iOS & Android.

You can always test these before deciding the best favorable Task Tracking Software for your enterprise. The necessity of every enterprise may be different, but all Task Tracking Software aims to get everything done in a much seamless way.

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