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Top 7 Best Alternatives to Google Chromecast

Media streaming devices are making an impact in the market for sure. These devices are the new revolution in the Media Players category. Chromecast is one of the most popular streaming devices.

You can connect this small gadget(3-4 inches) to your TV and pair it with your phone to stream your favorite movies, shows, matches, etc. However, people are looking for its alternates because,

  1. It does not have a remote control device,
  2. No intuitive interface,
  3. You can not use it without a smartphone.

There could be any other reason to look for its alternates. Pick whichever meets your requirement.

   1) Roku Streaming Stick+

This Roku Streaming Stick+ allows 4k UHD streaming without any system lag. It is inexpensive, compatible with many devices, and offers an enhanced user experience. You can also save some money compared to subscription companies like Disney Plus, HBO, Netflix, etc. It provides support for Apple Airplay.

However, a few issues like no Dolby support, a little slow home screen, and no headphone jack in the remote are also there.

   2) Amazon Fire TV Cube

This second-generation Fire TV Cube is a massive upgrade from the previous one. It comes with a better processor and Dolby vision. It loads applications faster and also works well in navigating menus. 4K HDR videos load quickly on a Wi-Fi connection. It has Alexa’s voice assistant and voice commands for a hand-free control. It also supports third-party apps along with Amazon apps and services. It has 16GB of storage space for applications.


Because of its compact tube design, it is easy to set up. It supports Google apps and services. It also supports 1080P@120FPS, 4k@60FPS, HDR, HDR+, and Dolby vision. It has 8GB of internal storage, and you can use a microSD to expand the storage. It has a Tegra X1+ chipset which is designed for gaming. It also powers Nvidia’s AI-enhanced upscaling effect.

   4) Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K

Amazon Fire TV Stick 4k provides you with great value for top-end specifications. You can find it often at a discounted price. It supports Alexa, 4K, HDR, HDR+, Dolby vision, and 60FPS.

It has a compact design and is compatible with a lot of devices. It is easy to install and use. You can also stream your favorite TV shows, movies, live sports, or highlights without any fee on this Fire Stick.

You have to install KODI (a free media center software) on your FireStick. Most people also prefer using a KODI Build that installs everything you need to run KODI smoothly. You can use any of these Kodi builds for Amazon FireStick to get the best out of your KODI. After setting up KODI, you can watch live streams, TV shows, movies, etc.

   5) Xiaomi Mi Box S

It is also a solid alternative, but it does not have many catch-up applications. The audio quality is also not up to the mark. However, it gives a 3-D sound experience with a streaming option of 4K HDR. It has a dedicated Google Assistant button for its remote control. It comes with a quad core processor with 2GB of RAM and 8GB of storage.

It is larger in size than its competitors. You can’t plug and fit it on the backside of your TV; you have to place it beside the TV. The 4K streaming is also not up to the mark.

   6) Apple TV 4K

It is also a second-generation device that is more elegant and high-functioning. It plays 4K videos without any system lag and comes with Dolby Vision. You can see fast-action and sports smoother and clearer in comparison to its competitors. The Refurbished Siri remote is also good to use. The all-new A12 Bionic processor gives a more realistic experience in gaming and better sound quality.

However, it is costlier than its competitors. You can not expand its storage and it does not come with an HDMI cable. Also, the size of this streaming box is not as small as many of its competitors.

   7) Samsung Allshare Cast

It is not a direct alternative to Google Chromecast as it only supports Samsung devices. You can cast your streaming content from your Samsung mobile to your TV without wires. Samsung Allshare Cast has a compact design and offers a simple setup process.

However, it is not a cheap product, and it can hang quite often. It supports only Samsung mobiles(only a few of them too).

Bottom Line

All the streaming devices claim that they provide the best home entertainment. But, Amazon Fire Cube and Nvidia Shield TV give the most features and value for money. They support videos in 4K, have an easy setup process, and fulfill all your home entertainment needs. If you want an alternative to Google Chromecast, you might want to go with one of these two.

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