8 Tips to Follow Before Painting Doors and Windows

Painting is one of the skilled jobs that need high precision and patience. Even if it is the door and the windows, there are plenty of things that could go wrong. Moreover, it is a tiring job, and you can’t afford to be casual while painting. Besides, you don’t want to repaint the same door because of a small issue, do you?

The article offers some of the great tips to follow before painting doors and windows.

Get Rid of the Dirt First

Whether you are painting a door or a window, you can’t get the paint to stick on the surface if it’s not clean. Your house starts to attract a lot of bugs and insects over time. Walls, doors, and windows are some of the common places they like to build their homes.

Hence, it is quintessential to clean them using sandpaper before applying the primer or paint. Now, failing to do so would result in an insufficient paint job that will come off after some time.

Scrap off the Old Paint

The second most important thing to do post-cleaning of dust is getting rid of the old paint from the surface of windows and doors. You can’t afford to take the risk of painting doors and windows on the old paint. Often people don’t remove the old paint, thinking that their doors would be double-coated. But it’s only a matter of seasons that the old paint comes off as bearing the brunt of different weathers.

This myth costs not only money but also a great deal of hard work and time. Hence, you must remove the old paint prior to applying any layer of primer or paint.

Mind the Holes

Mind the Holes
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Whether it’s a small or large hole on the surface of doors or windows, it’s a ticking time bomb that goes off gradually over time. So, what might seem like a tiny hole could grow bigger to make a huge cut. Hence, you must ensure that you close all the holes and dents with the help of fillers. Even a 1/8 inch deep hole, which is quite small to be easily seen by a naked eye, is as severe a problem as a broken piece.

Apply primer Before painting


People often avoid using primer before painting their doors and windows. Although there is nothing bad with that approach, it should only be done if it’s is in perfect condition. Otherwise, you must use a layer of primer before painting a door or a window. Moreover, it helps to cover any stains on the surface and also offers a layer of adhesive for the paint to stick.

Look for the Defects on the Walls and Doors

Now, if you think that you have done everything right thus far, think again? We tend to ignore minor defects on the surface of the windows or doors – human nature! But there might be some flaws that you will still be able to find if you watch closely. These flaws can nullify the effectiveness of the paint job.

Cover any minor or significant defect to ensure that it doesn’t compromise the doors and windows’ integrity later.

Use Mini Rollers for Precise Finish

You can’t expect to paint the entire door with the help of a brush, can you? If you want a smooth finish, you may have to use a mini or nap roller. Though it goes without saying, you must use different brushes for the paint job.

You can use a high-density foam roller for the corners and enhance the design in the doors and windows. It’s smooth, best for precise finishes, and doesn’t leave lap marks.

Don’t Let the Paint Stick to Any Surface

While it makes sense that you want to close the door before sleeping for security reasons, it can also ruin the paintwork. Whether painted on door or windows, it takes time to dry-up. You must not let the door or windows closed for at least 24 hours. If you live in a humid climate, it might take some time for the paint to dry-up. In such a case, you can use painter’s tape to ensure that the paint doesn’t stick to the surface.

Mask Doorknobs and Handles

While painting windows and doors, make sure that you adequately cover doorknobs and handles. Failing to do so would only mean a lot of after work, cleaning the stains off the surface. It will only ruin your painting experience. Now, this might seem like plenty of things to worry about. If you feel that way, you can take the help of local residential painters Moorooka and get the job done.


Whether you are painting your doors, windows, or walls, there are always a few things that you will have to do right anyway. To ensure that you don’t need to paint the doors and windows in the near future, you must follow all the tips mentioned in the article.

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