Tech Predicted Impact For Future Jobs — How True?

For better or worse technology is changing a lot of things. It’s changing brand perceptions, altering how customers think about something and make decisions.
Digital has given rise to different jobs and the transition has never been easy. That means more and more roles are being deprecated in favor of others. There’s a lot of pain and anger over this. But not all’s lost. Embracing the forces of change means we are ready to choose and fight some battles on our own.However not all is lost. It’s true that a great number of jobs are going to be automated. From truck drivers to journalists and sometimes even advisers. I read a news article where Microsoft fired all its writers and reporters and let AI and bots do the job automatically.

Change is the norm of life And Here’s what you need to do next.
What is happening is there is a lot of discussion and not much action.

Technology is changing cloud architecture and social media. There’s the advent of programming into every job and skill you can imagine.  If you already know these skills then you will be able to transcend the change that is happening around you. Its easy to learn these skills as well. You can use channels like code academy to upgrade. There are thousands of courses.

You also need other skills

If you believe that programming alone has you covered for the future you couldn’t be more mistaken. The thing is every field has ramifications and you need skills like the mastery of several social media tools as well. Or learning lead generation with social media.
There’s more need for entrepreneurial thinking and risk taking. The market perceptions are changing and that means you need technical resources to solve problems ahead of you.
People are the rallying force behind any technology and within all companies there are people who can find new skills.

You Need To Go Out Of Your Pigeon Hole

The rise in digital also means you need new skills that aren’t enough if you’re competent in your own field. For example, the roles of designers and ux administrators might find themselves overlapping. Or people are more intimately becoming involved in all types of jobs ranging from testing software to creating it from scratch. Email marketers will find themselves donning new roles.
This blurring between job roles will demand more and more from you and that means you need to learn and do more.
What do you think how the future will change your job?
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