Why Printed Custom Boxes Are Preferred & Used By Several Brands?


Yeah! You heard right, custom packages have made our life so easy by blowing so many worries of marketing, promotions, strategies to increase monthly sales, and much more. In simple these boxes are a single solution, which resolves almost all the main problems, people face while growing their business at an initial stage. Moreover, this is a cheap solution to solve your big problems. There are a lot of benefits and features given by Fast Custom Boxes just to assist you in making the value of these incredible boxes clear in front of you. So just stay with us to dive deep into the ocean of unique information regarding your effective band packaging.

Printed Custom Boxes

Variety Of Materials Ensure Product Safety.

Hence, we all know the main reason why we use packaging boxes. Obviously to keep our products safe or to maintain the freshness and taste of our eatables, fruits, and vegetables.


  • Old readymade packages came just in one type of material that was cardboard.
  • Similarly, plastic boxes are not good to keep eatables safe due to their reactive nature in a state of rising temperature.

But now it’s entirely up to you to select the type of material in which you want to craft your packages. These 3 types of materials are mostly used by various brands these days;

1) Kraft Material has recently been introduced in the market with its matchless ability to keep the environment safe from all kinds of contaminations. As boxes made with this material don’t add toxic chemicals in the atmosphere during its manufacturing phase.

2) Corrugated Material has a remarkable ability to provide your packaging product with an ideal safety. This material once dried and compressed under a defined heat and pressure becomes hard and rigid. Most people customize their packages for the shipment of their products by us.3) Cardboard Material is still using by a lot of big brands to make their boxes. As the sheets of this material could be mold in any shape, perfect solution for best quality printing and could be customized in any design. Can be varied for both big and small packaging items.

Extensive Range Of Customizations

The second reason that leads us to use packaging boxes is to present our brand product pleasantly on the racks. Custom boxes also fulfill this need of every brand according to their own preferences and ways they want to showcase their items in the market. This is another factor that makes them highly preferable by users. We provide clients a wide range of designing choices which they select depending on their likes and dislikes in our Self-Customization service. Some of the famous decoration techniques are given below.

1) Custom Windows are such a stunning decorative feature that double the value and likability of your packaging. You could add windows to display the product your company is offering.

  • Specially used to display luxury wristwatches, beautiful glass bottles of perfumes, cosmetics.
  • Different bakers also use these window custom boxes to showcase their mouthwatering cakes and other bakery items.


2) Ribbons and Magnet Locking raise the value of your brand packaging. Mostly preferred by jewelry brands to add an automatic magnetic lock to close these packages.

  • Custom packages also provide its users with a wide range of colorful ribbons to tie up their packages.
  • Ribbons are mostly a perfect solution for gift boxes to give a unique feeling to your near and dear ones with different theme colors for Christmas, Easter, Valentine, New Year, and so on.

3) Coatings are the best feature that enriches your packages with a unique sparkle and elegant look. Coatings are thin layers of transparent liquid usually applied on the surface of packaging boards to give them a smoothness and shine.

  • Matt coating gives your surface a smooth look but not shine. Mostly used for luxury product packaging.
  • Gloss coating gives your surface a smooth look and shine. This coating is also a good option in making a standard package.


4) Prominent printing Of Logo & Other Details are important for almost every brand. Without printing your product’s features and benefits how would your client take a decision to buy your product?

Custom boxes provide you the best printing techniques to print all kinds of images, patterns, and information in professional fonts to standardized your brand. Printing techniques offered by us are

  • Digital Printing
  • Offset Printing
  • Lithography

Embossing and Debussing could also be done to make your logo with your company slogan more protuberant.

Special Offers

Fast Custom Boxes is serving a lot of brands by providing them with high-quality packages for many years. Our user-friendly policies make us highly recommend the company of the niche. If you will get your packaging boxes by us you will get

1) Free Delivery
of your packages to your doorstep. Our clients all around Canada and the USA could get custom boxes with zero transportation charges.

2) Assistance By Expert Engineers
could lead your creative design to its perfection. Our Engineers and designers love to know about creativities and they are here to assist you in the designing of your packages.

3) Affordable Rates:
We manufacture your packaging boxes by taking care of your budget. Our packages rates are lower in comparison to other packaging suppliers.


It’s not a smart choice to leave these packaging custom boxes if you are going to get so many benefits at low rates to boost the success speed of your company. Fast Custom Boxes fulfills all types of packaging requirements. Due to their beautiful designs and a wide range of optimization they are now liked by every next brand. We hope so after getting all the details, the importance and value of these packages are clear to you now.

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