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OgyMogy: The Best Parental Control Apps For Android And iPhone

Let’s just accept this honestly being a parent is difficult but not with OgyMogy. We are living in a modern era where mobile phones, laptops, and computers are a fundamental part of our daily lives. It is a difficult task for parents to be fully aware of the daily routine of their kids. Like what are they up to these days, what’s happening on their phones all day long, their whereabouts, their internet browsing history, or what type of games are they playing.

Are they playing some violent games and the reason behind their anger and violent behavior is that new game? So the question arises how to monitor their cell phone activities? For this purpose, we use a screen recording app. It simply records mobile screens and keeps the parents aware of what their child has up to, what they are doing, who is texting, which game are they addicted to, or if they are just scrolling their news feed.

There are a lot of spy apps on the play store and apple store but the key is to choose the best app. OgyMogy is the answer as it can keep you updated about your teen phone record by simply giving you flexible remote access to their cell phones. All you need is to follow simple and easy installment steps and that’s all now you have a clone phone of your teen.

Know Your Kid’s Whereabouts In Real-Time

OgyMogy provides you with a powerful feature of real-time tracking. It can locate the mobile phone’s current position on the map. Without them knowing you can easily locate where they are going whether it’s a late school project meeting or hanging out with friends. you can have a complete list of their secret hideouts and visiting details.

Monitor Texts Round the Clock

Kids these days are addicted to texting. Whether it’s about school work, some school fight details, or some other hot topic you will find annoying notifications buzzing throughout the day and sometimes at night too.

OgyMogy helps you record chat details keywords used in the form of simple reports. You can read their texts and also block messages from unknown sources and make sure that they are not using abusive or foul language.

Say Bye To Late-Night Calls

Before mobile phones and smart devices, there were landlines and people usually memorize the contact numbers of their loved ones, friends, and work friends. You have to keep the call short while sitting in your living room along with your family members. But now with personal cell phones, long calls are unavoidable. With personalized cell phones come personalized call logs and contact lists.

OgyMogy gives you remote access to the contacts list of your kid’s phone and helps you keep track of who the new entry named Rebecca saved recently. You can also save and delete contacts from this app.

Brutal World Wide Web

The Internet is a huge distraction and it’s a need of the hour to limit the online activities of your child. You can also keep track of the keyword searches and browsing history of your kids. You can keep an eye on what videos they are in to recently and what kind of mobile app got their attention.

Thus you can easily identify what is bothering them and help them with their daily stuff. You can remotely block all destructive sites and can use filters to eliminate abusive and harmful keywords. It helps in keeping track of their social media account activities and knowing all about their online friends and strangers who are there for likes and hearts or have any other agenda.

Media Control

Photos, videos, and audio podcasts are new trends. Moreover, memes shared by teenagers are the worst.

Thus to keep a monitoring eye on the media saved on your child’s cell phone, OgyMogy got the feature of screen recording. You will know all about media sharing details through the internet or friends and delete any destructive or harmful material which is not good for your child.

It can also help with retrieving the deleted material from the phones thus a complete remote control on your kid’s phones will make you less anxious and will help your child to have a safe digital life.

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