8 Instagram Tips and Tricks for Sharing Travel Images to Gain Maximum Exposure

With a range of breathtaking photos and video content, the stories feature, and high-end filters on Instagram, your travel company can gain maximum exposure if you know the rules of the game. The photo-sharing site has the maximum user engagement levels compared with the other social media sites, these days. So if own any travel business and want to share images of awesome locations, landscapes, mountains, beaches, historical monuments, and more, Instagram is your best bet.

According to an article published on https://medium.com, Instagram helps in driving more user engagement than the rest of the social networking platforms. Make sure your Instagram page has a neat and consistent look by using similar filters for your images.

Travel enthusiasts visit numerous travel blogs and websites to determine lucrative deals on flights, hotels and resorts, food, and sightseeing. Moreover, tourists want to see cool Instagram images of snow-capped mountains, lush green forests, crashing waves on the shore, and more on Instagram. Therefore, you must pique your audience’s interest. Here are eight useful tips for sharing travel images to gain more exposure:

1. First, figure out a niche

Before you start posting IG photos and sharing them on the platform, figure out a niche. It does not mean that you cannot share all your travel images, however, if you have some specific niche in mind, you can create more user engagement and garner likes or comments.

Your niche could be anything related to travel such as scenic mountains, pristine beaches, a solo traveler exploring the great outdoors, the food at different exotic locations, adventure activities while traveling, and many more. If your content focuses on a specific theme or topic, you become an authority in that domain. It will help focus on a specific travel lifestyle.

2. Use a planning app

Usually, you will not like to post more than a single picture on Instagram even if can share loads of travel-related content. There are planning apps like UNUM or for that matter, Planoly so that you can upload and arrange your travel images seamlessly. Such apps will let you move the travel pictures around to build a wonderfully curated feed looking attractive to your existing and potential followers.

3. Pick a proper username

Think of a good username for Instagram before you start posting and sharing travel images. You can enter your ideas into the search tool to make sure the username is not duplicate and not used by another Instagrammer.

You can choose a username based on your niche, but keep it broad enough so that you share different kinds of travel photos related to your niche.

4. Remember location tags

While sharing photos of snow-capped mountains or stunning beach sunsets, remember to use the location tag to let your audience where you have shot the image. For instance, if you are in Bali, then write Bali in the location tag. It helps you to boot your visibility on Instagram because users often type locations for finding content on IG. With more visibility, you buy real Instagram likes from genuine people.

You will get the option to use the precise location or you can tag the city or country when sharing travel photos on Instagram.

5. Use hashtags carefully

Use Instagram hashtags, which are popular and relevant to your travel photos. Though you can use up to 30 hashtags, do not use all of them to avoid looking spammy. Use hashtags carefully to reach out to a wide audience base, mulling over your niche, travel tags, and destinations. Avoid writing a paragraph of hashtags. You will end up spamming.

Use a mishmash of large, small, and medium hashtags to increase the possibilities of your travel photos seen, liked, and commented upon easily.

6. Stand out from the crowd

If you would like to pique the attention of your audience on IG, you will need to use social media strategies that work and make you stand out from the rest. You will find numerous travel profiles or accounts on the IG app, and the possibilities are that you find many individuals using the niche that you have chosen.

Even if the niche is the same, you can make a difference. You might be wondering how. For instance, you can share some offbeat photos and post images of unique views of mountain snow glittering in the sun, or landmarks less known, but stunning to look at. Your photography style should be inimitable to make it stand out from the crowd.

You can arrange your photos according to color, style, design, theme, and things like that. If you love flora and fauna, you can try macro photography to get a very closer view of a flower or an insect. Shoot from a unique angle to give a new dimension to your Instagram photography.

7. Make the most out of Instagram Stories

As far as Instagram is concerned, it’s not solely about the main IG feed. Did you know that you could share awesome content leveraging the stories feature of Instagram? When you have a travel business and want to post jaw-dropping travel shots, share live content when you are hiking, white water rafting, or camping in the wilderness. Share videos of your daily travel adventures using the stories feature. You may also create a Highlight for every location you explore, letting your followers go back over your explorations and adventures.

8. Look professional

Your IG photos must look appealing as well as professional. It signifies the photos or visuals you share on Instagram should appeal to your targeted audience and generate interest. While posting spectacular photos of landscapes, do not forget to add your travel business logo and punch line on IG. It will make your photos look credible and professional. The punch line and logo will make visitors land on your IG profile and website, thus driving quality traffic. The logo will let your prospects trust you as a business or brand.


Now that you have these tips ready, all you need to do is share, stunning images and impress your audience for more likes, comments, shares, and maximum exposure on the social media landscape.

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