How to identify genuine drivers for your HP Printer?

The printer driver is a processor or a piece of software that is used to convert the data into the printer’s understandable format. The functionality of the printer driver is to print the data into a document form without understanding any technical operations of any printer model. Now many of the non-technical users raise a question and that is – Does printers require drivers for printing? Well, yes when we install and use printers, at that time we have thought that our printer is working without the driver but we don’t know our printer is using some in-built printer driver which has come-up by default in our Windows. Although, that in-built driver is not the right driver still we are using it because we are not aware of it. HP printers are the most convenient and reliable printers and the users who use HP printers we’ve something for those users. Therefore, here we are going to tell you how to find out the best driver for your HP Printers. Let’s hold your seat, read thoroughly to know the further more details about the same.

Download and install the best printer driver for your HP Printer and also fixes the bugs to improve the performance and other features. For most of the HP printers, the two drivers are essentially very important i.e., for printing and scanning. Mac and Windows both of the computers required print and scan drivers for effective printing. Print and scan drivers install automatically once you have connected the printer to the computer via USB cable or add-up a printer’s network to the device list.

Now, there is two situation arises, first is if you have already know the best printer driver for the HP printers you can directly install it by following these steps-

  • Move to HP Support.
  • Now, choose drivers and downloads, afterward, in the search box mention the name of your printer, then click on the Go tab.
  • After typing the printer’s name, a search list will appear, in that search list find out the model of your printer.
  • Choose the OS (Operating System).
  • Discover the driver that you want to download and click on downloads.
  • Thus, this is the way to download and install the drivers which you’ve been already selected.

The second situation is when you don’t have any knowledge that which driver is correct for your HP printers. In this case, you need to find and select the correct drivers for your printers. Many printer drivers have come in-built and automatically gets downloaded and installed when you connect your computer or printer via USB cable and add-up the printer’s network. But, if this not happen, then you need to first select the genuine drivers for your printers.

If we are talking about Windows users, then, there are two specific drivers. And users need to find out the best driver from the model of specific drivers. The two categorized drivers are – HP Printer Specific Driver and HP Universal Print Drivers. HP suggests the full solution drivers for Windows users. Including full solution, full software solution, HP PCL 6 and Basic Driver, HP PCL 5, HP postscript, Point and Print Driver Bundle. The built-in driver in windows is In-OS or Windows Update Drivers. Download and install the genuine driver, apart from the built-in windows driver to fix Windows 10 printer driver is unavailable issue.

HP UPD for Windows

For those users, who require a driver without any additional software can use HP UPD for ‘windows. UPD ( Universal Print Driver) is a lonesome driver that offers support to the various HP printer models. This driver can be used when you required service or support for multiple models and when you want advanced functionalities.
The HP Universal Print Drivers for windows are-

  • HP UPD for Windows PCL6
  • HP UPD for Windows PostScript
  • HP UPD for Windows PCL5

You will definitely find a list of PCL6, PCL5, and PS driver options in Windows Devices and Printers, however, they are distinct. And PCL5 is not compatible with Windows 8/8.1 or Windows 10. PCL6 is the most convenient driver option that accomplishes the needs from business applications like a spreadsheet, documents, and so forth. On the other hand, PostScript (PS) fulfills highly standardized graphic needs, and for the PS driver option, your printer should be able to cope up with the PS printing functionalities. For updating the outdated driver user can also use the best free driver updater tools.

Now, let’s know about the most common and useful HP printers that are compatible with the Windows 10 computers.

  • HP LaserJet
  • HP LaserJet Pro
  • HP LaserJet Managed
  • HP Officejet Enterprise
  • HP PageWide Enterprise.

Those printer drivers that enhance the printing experience are the best pinter drivers. If our software or OS is able to understand the printer’s language then we don’t need to download and install the drivers. Hence, always choose the best and appropriate drivers for your HP Printers.

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