How much does Drake make in a year

Since the Canadian rapper released his debut album in 2010, Drake has consistently been one of the best-earning bands in the business world. While Toronto’s Native American salary may be shy at Messi or Bill Gates’s level, Drake’s undeniable popularity puts him on a roll to continue to create top earnings lists in the coming years.

What is Drake’s fortune

According to Forbes, Drake is worth the fortune. The best-selling Canadian singer, songwriter, and rapper are estimated to have a net worth of $ 150 million. It is the fourth home for the richest rapper in the world.

Drake’s revenue competes with that of other rappers LL Cool J and Eminem, both around $ 100 million.

Drake’s Salary

Drake is said to earn about $ 47 million a year and have a share of about $ 1 million
For the past few years, Drake has been creating the Forbes Hip-Hop Cash Kings list every year since 2010. In 2015 Drake was the rapper Royal Dr. from his estimated income. Drake Net Worth won Dre. $ 39.5 million this year


The rapper has approval agreements with the largest brands in the block, including Nike – Get Report, Apple Get Report, and Sprite. Drake also made a deal with Kodak Get Report and Virgin America an Airbus A320 called Air Drake.

Drake’s early career

The famous rapper, who was surprising for some, started on television and played as a child actor in the young show “Degrassi: New Generation”. Drake played the character of Jimmy Brooks for seven years but started a career in the music industry in 2006.

Drake’s Care and other albums

The Canadian rapper released his first album Thank Me Later in 2010. The melancholy loiters of conscience remember his drunken ex-girlfriend and mourns the refugee’s “Drake Net Worth”


As expected from every international superstar, Drake has received a lot of controversy and complaints. Most importantly, Drake continues with rapper Pusha-T, one of his most famous assets, rapper.


It is not surprising that the extremely successful Canadian rapper has won several awards in his name. Among many are Drake, 4 Grammys Best Rap Album 2013, Best Rap Song 2018 and 2019 and Best Rap Sung Performance 2017.

How Drake Spends His Money

According to Forbes Drake Net Value, the Toronto native has earned over $ 250 million since the start of his career in 2010 Drake Net Worth

While the rapper is known for his generous parties and real estate, Drake still donated his famous production budget. If Drake doesn’t do a good job for local families, he spends the singer’s money on Bugatti and Rolexes. Not bad.

Drake’s home

When the artist isn’t on stage or traveling the world, Drake Calif lives in an $ 8 million mansion in Hidden Hills.

Drake’s new album

The long-awaited Scorpion album was released on June 29, 2018. The rapper released his album on Instagram.

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