Finest NBA Moments Christened by the most iconic shoes

NBA has sent our hearts soaring with some historic moments. Some spectacular clashes, ecstatic wins, and moments of individual brilliance in basketball have been the usual picture from NBA quarters. It is amusing to think that each of these moments has also been associated with a pair of shoes. These shoes have carved a space for themselves in the pages of history by their sheer presence adorning the feet of some Basketball legends. We bring to you some of these iconic incidents in the sport and of coursekk, the pair of shoes related to the extravaganza.

Finest NBA Moments

Michael Jordon’s magical moments:

Let us start the count with the legendary basketball player Michael Jordan who had an interesting face-off with Dominique Wilkins in the 1985 Dunk Contest. As the two came face to face for this notable contest, the pair of shoes worn by Jordan became immortalized. He wore a pair of Air Jordan 1 by Nike and the color code did not match with the then NBA guidelines. However, the fact that Michael Jordan flouted the norms made for a better marketing strategy by Nike and they sold many of these beautiful shoes.

Another fascinating Michael Jordan moment came during the 1998 NBA title where his heroics won Chicago Bulls the trophy in the finals. The unbelievable jumper that he pulled off after dodging Bryon Russel, is still etched in the memory of basketball fans. The shoes he had worn for the occasion were also unique. They were designed after the supercars by Porche as it symbolized the luxury and speed that the brand offered with its cars. Air Jordan XIV was also popular among the fans and now, after the release of The Last Dance, the popularity has once again surfaced for these shoes.

LeBron James and his pair of Nike shoes:

Basketball is not just about putting the ball in the basket it also involves some skillful defending where players must block opponent’s shots. One such exceptional block was made by LeBron James when he stopped a remarkable shot by Andre Iguodala. He was then wearing a pair of stunning black and gold shoes by Nike, popularly known as Nike LeBron Zoom Soldier 10. With a current price of $257, the product speaks for itself. What made this all the more exciting was that it came to be LeBron’s last championship!

Unbelievable performances by Kobe Bryant:

Who can forget the scoring spree that Kobe Bryant was one during his game against the Toronto Raptors. With 81 points, he set the record books straight and as he was making history he was wearing the white, black, and purple shoes made by Nike. The company called it Kobe 1 and fans found themselves getting drawn to such products that brought back the nostalgia of the bygone era. The intriguing fact here is that this was the first time he was wearing those pair of shoes from Nike.

Another moment of brilliance from Kobe Bryant came when he scored 60 points for the final game in his illustrious NBA career. He was wearing a great specimen doled out by Nike, known as Kobe 11 Fade to Black. The beautiful shoes stood testimony as his legacy came to a glamorous end. After his unfortunate demise on 26th January, the price for these shoes doubled and is currently a whopping $1146 on StockX.

Kawhi Leonard’s Exploits:

NBA never fails to charm the fans with some dramatic nail-biting finish. In this case, Kawhi Leonard made it to the record books when his series-ending shot ended the hopes for Philadelphia 76ers. His impeccable shot had the finest execution that saw the ball bouncing off the rim thrice before it dropped in, drawing the curtains for the Philadelphia team. At this historic moment, Leonard was sporting an OMN1S Sneakers that exhibits incredible style and comfort. The amazing blue and black sneakers are currently available on StockX for $640.


There have been other instances where the shows immortalized some gallant moments on the court. Some of these like Ray Allen’s three-pointer that forced a lost game into overtime or Allen Iverson’s three-pointer in the 2001 Finals will forever be a grand memory for the fans. The shoes, are the best souvenirs that you can get yourself to embrace the moments for eternity.

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