Can You Still Make Money With Bitcoin?

Many small investors fear that everything is going to crash after the Luna disaster in May of 2022. But, even if a lot of money was lost, the impact wasn’t as big as some people thought. Everything dropped drastically which is a bad thing but in order to crash everything, the problem had to be much bigger.

Crypto has never been stronger because there are moves made each day to regulate BTC and ETH. So, you can sit comfortably and watch the Race at Road America while Bitcoin prices go up. No one can say for sure that this is going to happen but history repeats itself which is why many people are optimistic.

Start Mining

Mining is still the safest way to get into crypto because the investments will be returned after a certain period of time. In most cases, the amount you invested is returned after 2 years but everything depends on the market progress. There are two ways you can mine BTC including cloud mining and personal mining.

Personal mining means that you will buy your own equipment and set it up in a safe location. There are still thousands of people having home rigs but the electricity is the biggest problem here. Some countries pay a lot of the electricity bills so it’s not worth maintaining the equipment for a small profit.

Cloud mining is a better option for countries where bills are expensive because you will pay someone else to main for you. These facilities have hundreds of ASIC miners where you can rent hash power and get a prize in crypto. Another option is to buy the miners from them and have them do the maintenance which is more profitable than doing everything yourself.

Affiliate Programs

Besides investing, earning money through crypto is probably the best way to earn a monthly income. There are a lot of affiliate programs you can join that require payment in BTC from the clients. The bad thing is that the market is very volatile and if the prices drop, you gain much less money than before.

This is why you should start a website where the affiliate program will do everything on its own. This means that you can have a constant stream of crypto pouring into your wallet. It may take some time to build traffic but it’s far less risky compared to day trading.

Real Life Trading

This is also a risky business because sometimes you will need to meet up with people but it’s very profitable. Real-life trading means that you will give someone else cash or send them fiat currency for their crypto. This is done because many countries don’t allow crypto trading and you won’t be able to withdraw money from exchange platforms.

Do deeper research about this job so you can learn about tips and tricks that you can use. But, the downside is that you’ll need to have a lot of cash for these transactions. From the amount that they want to transfer, you will get 10% which is huge when you find out how many transactions are happening on a daily basis.

Hold BTC

If you already have some Bitcoin or earned it from other sources, holding it may be the best idea, especially in 2022 after a huge drop. BTC is under $30k and many people think that it will start to rise by the end of the year. So, you shouldn’t start trading with other coins when there’s a better chance for BTC to rise than to risk it with other options.

Lend Your Crypto

There are a lot of people that are not very familiar with how the exchange platforms work and they don’t want to link their credit cards to the website. This is why lending crypto is a great business where it’s not required for authorities to validate your actions. There are also lending websites that may help you get started.

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