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7 Best Yify Movies Alternatives and Yify Proxy Sites

Yify Movies also known as YTS, is one of the latest streaming websites that has been gaining popularity rapidly. With its new feature known as the “Yahoo Video” feature, you can upload videos and add tags and descriptions to them to make them searchable on popular search engines.

The site has features such as movie reviews, movie schedules, movie ratings, actor and actress searches, and movie reviews from both critics and fans. You can also subscribe to the video streams if you want to watch the latest releases at the same time. Other features include the ability to watch trailers of upcoming movies.

The “Movie Reviews” section is where you can read the reviews by different people about a specific movie. If you are interested in watching a particular movie, you will see the reviews and ratings from other users who have also watched it. The ratings range from one to five stars. There are a number of forums where users share their experiences and give opinions about certain movies.

The “Actor Search” function enables users to search for actors by their names. You can even search for other popular actor names based on the movie title or the actor’s last name. The actor search can be run on both the main Yify Movies website as well as a specific movie search engine.

The “Movie Schedule” function allows you to see the schedule of all the movie streams from the site. When you have an upcoming movie, you can view which movies have started streaming and how many days it will end. You can see the date and time when the movie starts streaming as well. You can also schedule the movie to start streaming at different times so that you do not have to wait too long for it.

The “Movie Ratings” function lets you see the feedback and comments of different movie lovers. Users can leave comments on movies on the forum and provide feedback about it. You can even comment on the pictures that appear on the screen when a movie is being streamed. The comments are usually updated immediately after the movie is already streamed to the public.

Movie schedules can be viewed on a day-by-day basis and you can also watch them in various languages. The movies that have already aired are marked with a star icon and when you click on the star icon.

The most impressive feature of the “Movie Reviews” function of Yify Movies is the ability to search for and view the most popular movies of the year. depending on your favorite genre or category. This way you can always know what is in demand in the industry.

The video description can be viewed in a separate window, as it is a part of the movie. It shows you the plot of the movie, the cast, and other important details of the story, including the actors and actresses who played major roles in the movie. You can also browse the reviews of the movie if you want to see what other people are saying about it.

If you would like to see a preview of the video, you can do so by clicking on the “Video Overview” button. The video will then show you the video without any advertisement. so you don’t have to wait for an ad to load before watching it.

The “Movie Download” function enables you to download a free version of the movie to a computer. if you have a slower internet connection or use Yahoo’s free software to view the movie.

The “Movie Review” function allows you to see the reviews of all the latest movies. which have been released. Yes! That’s just a few to mention the great features of Yify movie’s official website.

The bad news, the original Yify site is no longer accessible, but with the help of Yify Proxy and mirror sites, you can watch unlimited Yify tv series and Yify Movies online.

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In this article, we shared the latest list of working Yify proxies and sites similar to Yify movie’s official website to watch movies, TV shows, games, software, animations, and much more.

Yify movies proxy sites

Best YTS / Yify Proxy & Mirror Sites

YTS/Yify Proxies Yify URLS Status
Yify Movies TV Online
Yify movies online Online
Yify tv series Online
Yify tv movies Online
Yify film torrents Online
YTS TV series Online


Best Yify Movies Alternatives

Chances are, some of the YIFY proxy and mirror sites mentioned above won’t work when you try them. If you open a YIFY movies mirror and find it doesn’t work, we recommend trying the Yify Movies Alternatives listed below.


RARBG stands for Rapid BitTorrent Bundle, and it is one of the most well-known BitTorrent trackers. It has become a mainstay of the BitTorrent community and it’s one of the most used file tracking services in the entire world. RARBG is essentially a large website that offers magnet links and torrent files for peer-to-peer file sharing with the BitTorrent network. The service was originally developed in Germany by German computer geek Markus Kottke, but it’s now available in a free version to anyone with an Internet connection who wants to use it.

If you are looking to find files on your computer, but don’t want to have to track all of them down yourself, you can use this tracker to find what you’re looking for. By simply clicking on any file you want to add to your computer, you will be directed to the tracker. This way you can search by name or category, and find the file you want to add.

RARBG is a good alternative to Yify movies that allows users to search by name and download unlimited files for that month if they’d like. If you’re a newcomer to the world of torrents, you can definitely see why it’s so popular.

2. Torlock

If you’re looking for an alternative way to download videos online, you may have heard of the popular Torlock torrent site. The site has the same basic features as a typical torrent: Users can download movies, music, games, or TV shows (for free) from sites like file-sharing networks such as BitTorrent. However, unlike torrents, users are given more control over what they download.

3. BTDigg

BTDigg is a BitTorrent DHT search engine that analyzes the DHT network with real-time support. It provides the search function using full-text search and contains the torrents in Asian and European languages ​​with active status.

BTDigg is a fully legal system with two essential features, such as decentralization and uniqueness. Decentralization means that the platform offers the ability to search inside or outside the torrent space, except for private trackers. On the other hand, Unicity identifies that there is nothing analogs due to unique properties.


EZTV Torrent

The next perfect Yify movie alternative on the list is EZTV. Just like YTS, EZTV also has a huge collection of torrent files and magnet links. EZTV is a TV torrent distribution that allows visitors to search, download and contribute magnetic links and torrent files that facilitate P2P, file exchange between users of the BitTorrent protocol. It is quite simple and easy to use and comes with all the important functions, tools, and a simple interface. In the interface, you can easily find your favorite TV torrent file and download it without any limitation.

The site introduces a new advanced search box, and one is simple as another search box in which you must put the title of your favorite program. The other is a drop-down list that comes with all shows and you have to choose your favorite.

EZTV is a free torrent distribution and does not require registration. But if you want to keep up to date with the latest trends, you need to sign up with an email address, name, and password. The site also includes core features such as a complete show list, recommendations, a simple interface, and much more.

5. Torrent9 –

Torrent9 is a simple yet powerful meta-search engine that allows you to easily download any movie, video, game, software, and any other digital content. It combines results from other search engines to provide a huge database of torrents. Like Torrent9, it also offers over 61 million torrents and its research shows that it has more movie torrents than any other comparable meta-search engine.

It also allows you to download games, software, and other digital content torrents to make it a comprehensive solution. You just need to enter the name, tag, or other related words in the search bar. Within a minute it shows all relevant results that you can download easily and without any limitation. The best thing about this meta search engine is that it is free and you can enjoy its service anywhere in the world.

6. Zoogle

Zoogle allows users to download all kinds of music, movies, TV shows or software. Users must write the exact name of the movie or music they want to download, and it will open the full list of those movies and shows. From that list, users can choose from the uploaded file they want to download.

Zoogle comes with a simple interface that offers seeds and leeches on one side of the searched file. Users can select the highest number of seed files to get the best download file. Each file, when opened, contains the category, language, total size, the name of the uploader, and the number of times it has been downloaded.

7. RuTracker

RuTracker is a platform that allows users to download torrent files of music, movies, audio, books, PDF files, and much more. The platform even allows users to learn a foreign language through it, as it offers English, German, and other language courses to users of all ages.

It allows users to download torrent files for cooking lessons, and martial arts videos. The platform is available in the Russian language but can be translated into other languages ​​via the browser’s translation function. Users can download their latest TV shows, and movies and they can even download books and magazines.

Final Thoughts On Best Yify Movies Alternatives and Yify Proxy Sites

So, these were some of the best Yify Movies alternatives worth checking out. Share any other personal recommendations in the comments below.

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