Best WordPress Widgets To Add In Your Blog For Enhanced Visibility

A lot of writers around the globe have skills to share their thoughts in words. The creativity in developing a worthy content appears to grab the audience’s attention. It seems like the blogging community is likely to increase in the coming years. And this is only possible when blogging platforms, like WordPress, keep enhancing its platform for bloggers.

One of the interesting facts to ponder is that WordPress has made writing easy for everyone. It has personalized themes, which gives the opportunity to bloggers to write according to their needs.

A blog is further enhanced when the platform gives you many other features to enhance visibility. Gone are the days when bloggers had to go through many challenges to optimize the content and make it worth ranking.

Things have really changed now. With WordPress widgets, one can easily make certain changes in the blog and achieve visibility.

The plugin developers are also convinced to innovate WordPress every time. This is because innovative widgets make a blog more appealing than before.

Want to know which WordPress widgets can make your blog visually appealing and better? Keep reading the post, and you will get the answer to your question.

WordPress Widgets

Important WordPress Widgets To Include In Your Blog

1. Social media widgets

Sharing content with the target audience is a must to get more views. This increases the worth and demand of the content, plus the writer can produce much similar stuff that would satisfy the audience a lot.

Social media itself is a wide platform. Not only this, but many users take it as an opportunity to share content so that more users can get aware of it. But when the content is written on another platform, it becomes difficult to share with others.

Hence, WordPress has this one widget that allows you to share the content with users across the globe. Among many WordPress widgets, this one is said to have more power than anything else.

So, if you are writing something special and want to get more views, you should share your content with others. With this social media widget, you can simply share the posts and desire to increase engagement.

Many companies are using a blog to get traffic on their site. Like the Online B2B Marketplace, you can also utilize the platform to drive traffic and increase sales.

2. WP Tab widget

Another most important widget you wish to have in your blog is the WP tab widget. It is often used to enhance responsiveness because, with this feature, you can add popular posts, recent news, comments, and other related information.

There is no harm in using free widgets. In fact, it saves your money and gives you more features that too in your budget. The best part of using the widget is that it is user friendly.

Also, it has a cache system enabled, making it faster to load the information for you. It also supports thumbnail images, which is again simple for you to organize in the content.

3. Popular Posts Bar

You cannot find any other great way to promote your content than a popular posts bar widget. It helps you to promote the most popular o viewed content published on your WordPress blog. However, only the admin has the authority to change the desired settings so that the posts can be still be viewed on a sidebar.

You not only get these features in this widget. It has many more things that can help you to enhance the content. The most prominent features included in the widget are customizing the headline or title of the post, the total number of posts, improving compatibility with different browsers, and establishing the content according to the requirements.

The only thing that matters is the investment. The plugin is not free of cost. Hence, you have to pay a few bucks to achieve the results.


Blogging has become a norm these days. There are several people around the globe who have invested themselves in writing blogs on various topics. It seems easy, but one requires time and space to develop an effective blog for the target audience.

WordPress is one of the best blogging platforms. People prefer to use the platform because it is easy to use and has tons of features to make your blogging journey efficient. Widgets are another important element that helps a blogger to achieve significant goals. So, this post has highlighted what you should add to your blog for enhancing visibility. Try these and see how your blog is performing so well.

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