12 Best Cities In The World Where Nightlife Is More Interesting Than Daytime

Many travelers pass through Bangkok and do not realize that there are more interesting places besides the famous Soi Cowboy and Khao San Road.

Bangkok has developed a bright and stylish side while becoming more international.

Whether it’s a series of gorgeous rooftop bars in the city center, a Ratchathevi rock bar, a dance club near Sukhumvit, or trendy bars in Tonglor and Ekamai, everything is legal. You don’t have to sit bored in the hotel!

Top 12 cities in the world for nightlife

1. Buenos Aires

“Southern Paris” spins the world around the crazy Spanish tradition, dining at midnight, then dancing until dawn. The powerful energy and musical rhythm of Latin America will hover in the rhythm of tango, samba and Latin American passion.

You can start with the quieter Recoleta bar before heading to Palermo’s tavern. For the world’s largest city, Buenos Aires is still a relatively budget travel option.

2. Las Vegas

Las Vegas is the world’s largest resort city. Mainly known for gambling, shopping and fine dining.

Las Vegas

It is a leading financial and cultural center in southern Nevada. There are luxury casino hotels in every corner, neon lights everywhere, amazing nightclubs.

3. Montreal

Montreal is a gem of North America. The friendly and hot locals dance all night and listen to all kinds of music.

Montreal night city

Of course, it is not without summer festivals. But you need to keep in mind: you should not go there in winter.

Find out what the French chef is best at: Wood35. This is the most delicious drink and food.

4. Barcelona

The first rule: Don’t spend all your time on La Rambla. The second rule: Don’t spend all your time on La Rambla. The location guide attracts inexperienced tourists to standard locations in the city center, although most of the most interesting places are scattered throughout the city.


The best place to get up early: Line 14. You can never leave there before 6am.

5. London

In London, the center of the corner agency. They are advertised by the most prestigious luxury nightclubs in the world. Here, you can enjoy wonderful music on almost any day of the week.


There is no doubt that London has a vibrant nightlife along with Soho and West End. In the hotspot of Shoreditch, cocktail lovers attract tourists with unique bars.

6. Sao paulo brazil

São Paulo is the darkest horse on the list. São Paulo, often in the shadow of its beautiful and charming sister Rio de Janeiro, is actually the cultural center of Brazil.

Sao paulo brazil

The beauty of the city on arrival is not so obvious. However, if you cross construction sites and ruins at night, you will be very surprised by the charm of the city.

The best place to dance with the Brazilian before going to work: after 1:00 on DGE (Thursday).

7. New York

For New York, although “the city never sleeps” (usually at 3 or 4 in the morning) is not true, it succeeds because it provides something different for everyone on any night of the week.

Brooklyn parties, large meat-packed clubs, hip-hop fashion shows in East Village, indie rock shows, loft parties, hip-hop and jazz, heavy metals and opera-there are almost no restrictions.

8. Berlin

Berlin can be said to be a crazy city, and the nightlife of the club will not disappear for even a minute.

Related information: The club has beds even on the lower floors, so visitors cannot go home at all. The ceiling is made of full LED lights and the swimming pool is beside the dance floor.

The best place to experience the energy of a large club: Berghain. If you can’t accidentally enter there, you can visit Pratunam Market.

9. Ibiza, Spain

Every entertainment company should visit Ibiza at least once. In Ibiza, beach parties are held throughout the day, the bar is open at night, and dancing with the best DJs in the world begins.

The best place to learn dance is clubs in Ibiza (not San Antonio), but they cost extra money.

10. Dublin, Ireland

The Temple Bar District is located between Trinity College and the Old Town, and is a waste neighborhood filled with puddles and nightclubs. Beer raged through Brazen Head (reportedly the oldest pub in Ireland (founded in 1198) and fixtures in James Joyce’s “Ulysses”).

11. Goa

Of course, Goa deserves to be the highlight of our chat! No matter how many times a global traveler travels to Goa, it will always be his/her dream, especially for young people. As the sun begins to set, every part of this beautiful state represents a lasting charm. Stunning beaches, slotted music, cheap drinks and thriving crowds make Goa a favorite destination for the ultimate nightlife experience in India, especially for party lovers. You can explore Goa Via Luxury train the Golden Chariot. This train offer 7 days tour to South India and provide all luxurious facility and services onboard. Why wait for book ticket on Golden chariot and explore Goa in luxurious way.

12. Mumbai

Known as the ‘City of Dreams’, Mumbai is not only known for Bollywood, but also has one of the best nightlife experiences that can ever be experienced on an India / India trip. From Indian to international, you can host their shows and concerts in the city with famous DJs and music bands. However, this is just one way to get involved in Mumbai’s entertaining nightlife. For all party fans, here are some of the best places to walk in the city.

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