Be a Keyboard expert by reading These Tips

Working with a keyboard is essential and regular for toady’s generation. The keyboard is really useful when it comes to typing. Even with a lot of technological updates in typing technology. The keyboard is a traditional and reliable typing gadget. Keyboard tricks always come in handy when your boss gives you a lot of workload without thinking of you. These keyboard tricks can make you superstar of your office and increase your goodwill in your workplace. Your keyboard can be a crucial part of your job. So, keep in mind to update keyboard drivers.

If you want to become an ace of the deck of the keyboard then you must follow these below-listed tips and tricks.

Try to use all 10 fingers

Another important hack for enhancing the speed of your typing is – try to use all the 10 fingers on the keyboard while typing. Utilizing the mouse for every second task is a little bit boring and not so productive. Enhance the productiveness of your typing by using all 10 fingers on the keyboard for typing. Take a moment and place your finger at the right key on the keyboard. Initially, you’ll find it difficult but in the end, you’ll notice that by doing so you’ll be a keyboard master in your circle. Therefore, develop a habit to use all the 10 fingers on the keyboard.

Quit Bad Habits

There are some people who constantly make mistakes and even don’t try to get rid of bad habits. You have seen that so many peoples looked at the keyboard while typing to finding key very slowly. Even they are also not using their all 10 fingers properly on the keyboard. Hence, if you want to be a keyboard pro then you need to quit your bad habits and start using the 10 fingers properly. So, this is the time to say a big NO to your bad habits.

Use typing learning apps

Have you heard the saying that “Practice makes you a perfect”? Yes, this saying is completely proved true. With all the tricks, you need to practice constantly to enhance your typing speed and skills. To practice, use the essential typing learning apps including-

  • TypeRacer
  • Typing Master
  • Learn Typing
  • Touch Typing Study

Learn how to type without looking at the Keyboard

Typing with constantly looking at the keyboard may be very troublesome and headache. Also, it takes a lot of time. Hence, if you want to be a great keyboard master so make sure that you are typing without looking at the keyboard. Typing while looking at the keyboard makes your typing actually slows down. So, apparently to speed-up, the typing speed must develop a habit of typing without looking at the keyboard frequently.


Try to use keyboard shortcuts

Your both hands are on the keyboard for typing then why just wasting a lot of time in switching between mouse and keyboards. This will also create confusion in your mind. Hence, to reduce the load, keyboard shortcuts have been developed. To be a keyboard master develop a habit use all the keyboard shortcuts. This will not only empower the persona of yours but also makes your work much easier.

Some of the common keyboard shortcuts are-

Shortcuts Descriptions
Ctrl + F Find a word
Ctrl + C Copy
Ctrl + X Cut
Ctrl + V Paste
Ctrl + Z Undo
Control + A Selectv All
Page Up Scroll Up
Page Down Scroll Down
Control + T To Open a new tab
Control + R To Refresh the open webpage
Control + W To close the open tab
Home Move to Starting of the line
End Move to end of the line
Control + S Save
Shift + Right Arrow or Left Arrow Highlight next letter

These are some basic but crucial keyboard shortcuts that can help you to enhance the keyboard skills.

Which person doesn’t like tricks and hacks? And when it comes to the keyboard which is national requirement and necessity. Keyboard tricks can be really useful and helpful. So, here we conclude telling about 5 tips and tricks of using keyboard. These tricks can save your day and your time both. Drivers are the most important part that keeps your hardware equipment properly connected with your system.

Upgrading drivers frequently is very essential for effective and productive working. In case if you neglect or lag to update drivers accurately. Then, you might be failed to get the proper working of your system and even hardware equipment. Hence, always make sure that drivers are up-to-date or the most recent ones. For a frequent and automatic update, one can use the best driver updater for windows 10, 8, 7. Therefore, by using these tricks and tips you can become the keyboard master. This will also enhance your personality in your circle. So, try these above-listed tips and tricks and be in a limelight.

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