6 apps that will help you in creating an impressive resume

Apps for creating resume

Resume previously popularly known as curriculum vitae which is Latin is a summary of a job applicant. It includes their past job experiences, and fixation details, what they have achieved, among other details necessary for a recruiter.

A great resume is important as it can help you create a good first impression.

A resume is the one first thing that a recruiter will see even before meeting you in person. It is a fact that a recruiting team spends around 60 seconds. 1 out 5 of them will reject the resume without reading it fully. All this happens because either there is a mistake, the summary is not appealing, or you have not targeted the resume to the job description. If that is the case, your resume won’t help you land the interview. That is why you must create the best CV for yourself.

How to create a good resume?

To create a good resume, you need to stop yourself from committing some mistakes, like:

Lying on the resume: Providing honest information. 5% of applicants lie on it, which can lead to further problems.

  • Type: Not looking for grammatical or spelling errors.
  • Creating a generic resume: Not curating the resume for the job position. It means that you need to put the skills required as the main thing in your career objective.
  • Giving vague details: Talk about your achievements in quantitative measures. For instance, the increase in our sales is not impressive. But increasing the sales by 20% is more compelling and tells your achievement in a better way.

Resume making tools

While all these things are of paramount importance. Another thing to keep in mind is the layout of the resume. You need minimal but clear design and theme for a professional resume. To ensure this, you should start by picking a great resume maker. In this blog, we will explore various resume creating tools which have the best feedback.

1. Canva

The first tool on our list is Canva. It is becoming popular for its miscellaneous services, and one of them is creating a resume. With this app, you can create a resume that stands out, and you don’t even have to know a lot about designing to use this tool. Canva is a designing tool that creates images or infographics or logos and so on. So, using it to create a resume can set you apart from the crowd.

Canva has tons of templates for you to create a professional resume. Most are free, while you will have to pay for some. Once you decide on a template, you can edit the text with your details. Moreover, you have the option to change the background or insert some images or shapes or so on. In short, you can customize it to your liking.

The Canva app is for $12.99 per month if you want to use the premium version. Also, it is available on iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows.

2. CakeResume

Using this tool to create a resume is a piece of cake (no pun intended). It is the best and simple interface which makes it easy to create a resume. Also, it has tons of templates and features with one of them a being-direct connection to the employer. CakeResume asks the visitors a bunch of questions like what roles they are applying for, and so on. All this helps the app to curate a template and content as per their need.

After that, you can change the layout or add images, and so on. If you want to work with more advanced features, you can upgrade to the paid version which is $8 and $16.

3. Cultivated culture

It is a truly free resume builder that doesn’t ask you to pay for a template or so on. Though it is free, the quality of templates that it provides is optimal. This app is a great tool for people who are not tech-savvy and have to build a resume for a job. It’s simple to use, and you only have to provide your details, and the app will create a resume for you with the information.

Once you create the resume and do the necessary changes, you can download it on Google drive or as a text or PDF document.

4. CV engineer

Maybe you have to create a professional resume on the spot or urgently, and you don’t have access to your laptop. What do you do? Well, don’t worry as CV engineer is a mobile resume maker app, and can help with a quality resume. The layouts are simple so you can organize them with ease on your smartphone.
The app will require information and will ask you to fill specific tabs like education, experience, skills, references, and so on. It offers valuable advice too so that you can add the relevant and to-the-point detail. Once you do that, it will compile all of it in the form of a resume.

It won’t ask you for any payment when you download it or save it as a PDF. But if you do land a job with the resume that it helped create, you can either give a tip of 2 or 5 pounds. The app works on both Android and iOS.

5. My perfect resume

When it comes to creating a resume, using keywords is important to grasp the attention of the recruiter. With my perfect resume, you can do that. It highlights the crucial skills or highlights according to the job title that you can then add to the resume. Also, it includes all the basic sections, like skills and education, but there are some add-ons, like accomplishments and certification which you need if you are changing jobs or careers.

You can download it for free as a plain text. But for a word or PDF doc, you may have to pay some fee.

6. Google Slide

Google slide is a great tool for creating a quality CV. It is free and you have control over the layout, and also you can share the resume online interactively.
You can choose to work on a single slide which can comprise all the information. Or you can create a different slide for every section like interests and skills, and so on.

It is time-consuming, but the end-result is quite impressive. You can save it as a PDF doc or share it via email or on SlideShare.

If you want to work in a firm or career which you are passionate about, creating a perfect resume is the first step. Do your research, invest some time, use the right tool, and ensure that the resume is impressive, informative, honest, to-the-point, and relevant.

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