4K Video Downloader: Best Software to Save Videos in High Quality Free [Full Review]

4K Video Downloader is one such tool, so what makes it worthy of attention? In short you can download any video from YouTube at the highest possible quality with a minimum of fuss – subtitles included if you want.

We’re looking at the free version here, and this does mean that there are few – and we mean a few – limitations. While it’s possible to download playlists, you’re limited to those with 24 videos or fewer. You also can’t download playlists with subtitles, or subscribe to and download from YouTube channels.

What Is 4K Video Downloader Used for?

This software is the latest resolution standard that has been developed for digital cinema, movies and computer games and graphics. The 4K resolution standard has several advantages such as, high image definition quality, better fast-action, larger projection surface visibility and more detailed picture quality.

4K Supported Platforms are:

  • Windows 32-bit and 64-bit versions.
  • MacOs 10.11 and later.
  • Linux 64bit versions.
  • Sadly, 4k video downlaoder is not available on mobile platforms.

 4K Video Downloader Feature

  • Save photo and video from Instagram.
  • Convert YouTube to MP3
  • Get 4K Video to MP3
  • Download annotations and subtitles in .srt format.
  • 4K Stogram makes backups of Instagram photos on a desktop computer.
  • Directly export downloaded videos and songs to iTunes.
  • 4K Slideshow Maker creates and publishes slideshows with Ken Burns effect. It has Face detection embedded
  • Compatible with all popular video sites like YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, Facebook, Tumbr, etc.
  • Smart Mode feature makes videos and songs downloaded easier and faster.
  • An in-app proxy setup allows you to download 4K videos that cannot be accessed in your country.
  • 3D video and 360-degree videos download.
  • Platform Compatibility.

How much does 4k Video Downloader cost?

It’s priced at $15 and it’s not limited in terms of its duration (it lasts a lifetime). This license gets you an activation key that you can use on up to 3 computers; Bundle License ($20).

Is 4k video downloader safe and legal?

But, it IS illegal to create a personal download conversion of a copyrighted work under US copyright law. That includes an mp3, mp4, or any other download file type from your videos convert process. In the future, it may become legal to download any video from YouTube, as long as it’s for personal use.

Watch this official video tutorial for how to use 4k video downloader

Which sites are supported

The list of currently supported websites is as follows:

  1. YouTube
  2. Facebook
  3. Vimeo
  4. SoundCloud
  5. Flickr
  6. Dailymotion
  7. Metacafe
  8. Twitch
  9. TikTok
  10. Likee
  11. ….and more coming.

How to install 4K downloader?

When it comes to installing, all you need to do is to visit its official website. The website will automatically detect your operating system, and you can click on the button to start downloading.

[button color=”blue” size=”small” link=”” icon=”fa-download” target=”true” nofollow=”false”]DOWNLOAD HERE[/button]

How to uninstall 4k video downloader

  • MacOS:– Open ‘Applications’ category in Finder ==> Select the 4K application from the list of software ==> Press ‘Ctrl + Mouse Click’ and select ‘Move to trash’.
  • Windows:– Open: Start ==> Control Panel ==> Delete Programs. Select the one of 4k video downloader free in the list of software. Click ‘Yes’ in the dialog window on question: ‘Are you sure that you want to remove 4K Application and all of its components completely?’
  • Linux:- Enter to Software Center Select Installed Software ==> Select the one of 4K applications and click ‘Remove’ ==> Enter your root password and the manager will remove application.

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