Fbdown – The Best 1080p – 2K – 4K Facebook Video Downloader Online 2021

This article explains how to download Facebook videos to your computer, phone or tablet using Fbdown Facebook Video Downloader. Keep in mind that downloading most Facebook videos is not legal.

That being said, If you’re looking for an effective way to download Facebook video, consider using the Fbdown Facebook video downloader. These tool is designed to help you download video from Facebook to a computer, portable media player, or smart phone easily. It offer the most efficient way of downloading your favorite FB video in high quality free.

Fbdown is a social media video downloader that fits your needs, it allows you to download all your favorite Facebook videos absolutely free. All the videos you download will be in a single location. You can easily move them to another computer, mobile device, or share them with family and friends.

Is downloading Facebook videos legal?

When the topic of downloading Facebook videos comes up, there’s one side issue we broach: Is it legal? It’s clear that downloading video from Facebook is a big no-no.

However, you have your reasons. If you need to download a Facebook video – absolutely necessary, just for yourself, and not for distribution—here’s how to download Facebook videos using the fbdown video downloader.

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But before we show you all the easy steps to download Facebook videos, let’s know what the fbdown.net is all about.

What is Fbdown Facebook Video Downloader?

Fbdown Facebook Video Downloader


FbDown is website that allows you to download videos from Facebook for free. Users are also offered to install fbdown extension to Chrome, Safari, Opera and other web browsers for fast video downloads.

Fbdown is where you get the best control over downloading your favorite Facebook videos for free.

Typically, you go to facebook.com copy the URL of the Facebook video you want to download and paste it into the website and it will download the highest quality version for you. For videos in 1080p HD format, it is usually an MP4 file.

If you are using a smartphone, you will get the best method to download any type of Facebook with f2mate and Fbdown Facebook video downloader. This site loads quickly and helps you download 3x faster.

Features of Fbdown FB Video Downloader:

Fbdown Facebook video downloader got the following features

  • Multi-language Support
  • Chrome Extension (fbdown extension)
  • Download video and images from Facebook
  • Download the private Facebook videos shared by your friends
  • Download videos from your news feed
  • Download the videos of the groups and pages you like
  • Supports all HD video
  • Speed ​​up download, increase your download speed with multi-thread download technology
  • Play videos offline with the built-in video player
  • Small size and light
  • Support for the new Facebook theme and Facebook Watch feed.
  • More formats are downloadable from Facebook (up to 4K).

One of the amazing features of this tool is the Facebook private video downloading option available.

Note: To download a Facebook video on your smartphone from the fbdown, you need to copy the Facebook video URL first. For this, I will explain to you how to copy the Facebook video URL.

How to Copy Facebook Video URL (Link)


How to Copy Facebook Video URL


1. Visit https://www.facebook.com in a web browser.

2. Open the Facebook video you want to download. You can choose a video from the home page or search for something using the “Search Facebook” bar at the top of the screen. Once you select the video, it should play immediately.

3. Click the Share icon. It’s the gray arrow sidebar of the video. Some sharing options will appear.

4. Click the COPY link. This copies the link to your clipboard and you are just a step away to download Facebook video of your choice!

How to Download Videos from Facebook On Mobile Phones Using Fbdown FB Video Downloader Online

If you want to download a Facebook video, you can use either Fbdown or f2mate online Facebook video downloader tool. The f2mate also support to download Facebook private video and convert Facebook video to mp3. Here I will explain to you how to download Facebook videos on your computer or smartphone using any of these Third-parties tools.

Download Facebook Videos Using Fbdown

  • Go to https://fbdown.net. You can do this on the same browser tab if you prefer.
  • Right-click the “Enter url of Facebook video” field. It’s at the top of the Fbdown homepage.
  • Click Paste.
  • Click the blue Download button. Fbdown will fetch the video and display some format quality options.
  • Select a download format. To get the highest possible quality, click on the HD option next to the video. To choose a (smaller) file of lower quality, click SD formats this downloads the file to your phone or computer and you are all done!!

Top 10 Web Based Facebook Video Downloaders Like Fbdown

If you are looking for the best free Facebook video downloader online to save your favorite fb videos including Facebook private videos to your device for offline use then, you should check out the list below.

1. Video Downloader for Facebook – Android

Video Downloader for Facebook is one of the best Facebook video downloader online to download videos from Facebook. You can download and save your favorite Facebook videos and watch them whenever you want, even if you don’t have internet access. This website works with all types of devices with a web browser.

This tool works for computers, tablets and mobile devices. All you need to do is to enter the URL in the text box provided and use the button labeled “Download” to download the video in the available format.

2. KeepVid

KeepVid is another easy Facebook video downloader that doesn’t require you to download any addons. KeepVid is an Android app that makes it very easy to download Videos directly from Facebook just in one click.

All you need to do is to copy the link of your favorite video from facebook ==>> Lunch the Keepvid app and click on Video downloads ==>> Select the option for automatic download ==>> Paste the link and click Download.

3. FastVid

FastVid is one of the best tools available online for downloading and saving Facebook videos on your computers, tablets and mobile devices, along with the app that allows you to save Facebook videos on your phones. What makes this website an easy and quick way to download videos from Facebook at any time is the ability to choose the quality of the video before downloading it.

You can download videos from Facebook and save them to your device via the video link / url without signing in OR from Share the video from Facebook with the “Video Downloader for Facebook” app OR browse your account and click on the videos you like download and save on your device.

As with KeepVid, all you need is the video link and you are good to go.

4. GetfVid

GetfVid is yet another easy to use online tool like Fbdown to download Facebook videos on the go. GetfVid allows you to browse your Facebook news feed, loved pages. Just tap the video link to play, download or share it. Save videos to your gallery for later viewing.

The GetfVid has an intuitive interface and works like most online downloaders for facebook but lack the facebook private video downloader feature.

5. SaveAs

SaveAs is a free online tool to convert Facebook videos to MP4 (video) files and save them on your device. This tool can save videos to computers, tablets and mobile devices [Android devices and iOS iPhone, iPad and iPod.

As with some of the tools discussed earlier, SaveAs.co also lets you download private videos from Facebook.

6. Savefrom

Savefrom.net is probably the best Facebook video downloader that can download HD videos from Facebook. If you are looking for the best free video downloader for Facebook that can quickly download video from Facebook, the Savefrom FB video downloader might be your best choice.

SaveFromnet Facebook Video Downloader

Download Facebook video online directly via the SaveFrom.net website

To download Facebook video to computer from SaveFrom.Net website, you need to follow three simple steps:

  1. Copy the video URL: Copy the video URL from the browser’s address bar to the clipboard, or right-click on the video and choose it from the contextual menu. Then “Copy the URL”.
  2. Paste the URL into the input field on SaveFrom.Net: Go back to the browser tab, having SaveFrom.net window already opened, and paste the link into the input field. The Facebook video saving process usually runs automatically, if not, press the search button.
  3. Choose the desired quality and click on the download button: Before using our Facebook video downloader, you can choose from available quality and format options. Just click on the drop-down list before clicking on the download button, and select the preferred one from the list.

7. FileVid

filevid fb video downloader online


If you are looking for how to download a mp4 video from Facebook then FileVid Facebook Video Downloader online let you directly download all kinds of videos from Facebook in MP4 format.

This video downloader tool is absolutely free to use, and its fast and hassle-free functionality is something that everyone craves! It is the age of online videos and over time there is less and less written / textual content to be found on the internet.

The best part is that, this Facebook video downloader is absolutely free, and its fast and hassle-free functionality is something that everyone wants!

How does FileVid FB Video Downloader Online work?

Just like other Online Facebook Video Downloader listed here, FileVid is a very easy to use Video Downloader for Facebook everyone should try.

8. Sfull.net – Best 1080p – 2K – 4K FB Video Downloader

Another feature rich FB Downloader is Sfull. Safull is one of the best Facebook downloaders available online for downloading Facebook Videos without watermark. You don’t need to install any software on your computer or mobile phone. All you need is a Facebook video URL.

How can I download TikTok videos With Sfull.net

  • Open the Facebook application on your phone.
  • Select the video that you want to download.
  • Click the Share button in the lower right.
  • Click the Copy Link button.
  • Go back to Sfull.net and paste your download link in the box above. Then click the Download button.
  • Wait for our server to do its job, then save the video to your device.

9. FB Downloader

FB Downloader is a website where you can easily download Facebook videos by copying the URL and tapping the download button. It also comes with features like download private Facebook videos.

FB Video Downloader is a fast and free way to download and save Facebook videos as MP4.
First, enter the Facebook video url in the field below and hit go.

10. Getfbstuff

GetfbStuff is another best Facebook Downloaders available online to download Facebook videos without a watermark.

GetfbStuff is an online Facebook video downloader like FBDown that can download Facebook Videos and Facebook MP3 Songs directly to your computer or mobile phone through our free website. It depends on the browser you are using, how all videos and MP3 songs are saved in the Downloads folder on Windows and Mac or Mobile.

Steps to Download Facebook Private Videos

  1. Make sure you are connected to Facebook using the same browser.
  2. Right click the video and copy the current time video url.
  3. Go to our private video downloader. Paste the link and click Next.
  4. Copy and open the newly generated link in a new tab. Then click Next.
  5. Select them all and copy all of the text from the new tab.
  6. Then paste it into the private video downloader before clicking Download

Wrapping Up

The Best Facebook Video Downloader. FBDown helps to download Facebook videos online in Ultra High Quality MP4. You can also save the video as an MP3 for your future projects.


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