5 Pros and Cons of Technology in Students life

This is an era of technology In Students Life. Every aspect of life depends upon one or other forms of technology in one or the other way. So is the case with students. Nowadays technology is an important and crucial factor in student life. It has both positive and negative impacts on his/her life.

The component of technology which has a considerable impact on student life is information technology. Students and information are essential for each other. The information has various advantages and disadvantages for a student. In this piece of writing we bring for you top five pros and cons of technology for students:

1. Variety of Options

One of the key advantages of technology is that a student has a variety of options to learn. There is vast literature available regarding every field of study, be it arts, science, etc. moreover, on youtube lectures on every subject are available free of cost. By using these options students can enhance their learning very easily. Also, there is vast literature available in text form as well. It can be accessed online as well as offline. By this information technology has ended the dearth of study material.

2. Freedom of access

Also, the use of information technology for study purposes is not time-bound. It has no time constraints. A student can use it anywhere and anytime. He is not bound to spend a fixed schedule time. It can be accessed for learning anytime whenever convenient. Also, the learning process through technology is not resource-intensive. It requires limited resources.

3. Smart use of resources

Yet another advantage of technological devices in students’ life is smartness. In the mobile phone, the storage facility makes it easier for the students to save and keep data in their mobiles. They can access the saved data anytime and anywhere. Now the books and notes are in their pockets. They just have to transmit those into their minds.

4. Social Media

Information technology through social media is also an interactive learning mechanism. Through social media, students can learn, share, and discuss whatever they want as with the guidance of 6DollarEssay. They can share their experiences and can get guidance from seniors and mentors on social media platforms.

5. Online learning and Television and learning

Partly tapped and partly potential aspect of technology is online learning in many countries. Technology will help to transform physical classes into virtual ones in the coming times. It saves both the time and resources of students. Moreover, the technology of television is also a source of both the information and entertainment for the students. By watching TV, students can keep themselves cognizant of day to day affairs in economic, political, and cultural arenas. Television is a key source of getting knowledge about the latest and current events.

Student and technology

Besides these positive aspects of technology for students, there are some adverse impacts as well which are as follows:

1. Time Wastage

One of the major adverse impacts of information technology on students’ life is wastage of time. This results from the misuse or excessive use of technology for entertainment purposes. Today, the majority of the school-going age has become tech-savvy. They use technology for entertainment mostly. Excessive use of social media such as FaceBook and Whatsapp for entertainment results in wastage of time and resources.

2. Loss of Natural Abilities

Also by depending excessively on technology and electronic gadgets, students do not use their own mental and physical abilities for learning purposes. For example, performing minor calculations on a calculator causes mental decay. So much dependence on technology is the likely cause of mental decay among the students. This shrinks their learning skills and abilities.

3. Loss of Physical fitness

Also, the excessive use of technological devices causes the loss of physical activities among students. This in turn retards their physical growth as well. Our cheap reliable essay writing services have written a lot of details on this issue.

4. Behavioral Changes

Another disadvantage of information technology on students’ life is that it makes them used to virtual violence. There exist several virtual games like Pubge and Vice City which students love to play. Violence and lawlessness is the central message of these games. As a result of this, the virtual element does play a crucial role in transforming students’ mentality into unacceptable social behavior. Consequently, negativity and pessimism are built in them.

5. Social Alienation

Information technology has tattered the social value of a student’s life. Gone were the days when students regularly spend part of their day sitting in the company of their elders. Now, they are excessively occupied with digital gadgets and related entertainment. Ultimately, less time they spend with senior people in their family like grandfather and grandmother. This has created a sense of disrespect among their elders.


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