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Buy Real Instagram Followers & Avoid Web Design Mistakes to Boost Engagement & Attract More Traffic

Creating a truly responsive and intuitive web design seems to be quite an overwhelming exercise; however, you necessarily require a highly-responsive web design for boosting your business. You can then rest assured to drive more and more traffic to your website from your Instagram account. You simply cannot escape criticism by coming up with lame excuses like limited disk space or even low-speed mobile data. These excuses do not work in today’s highly competitive digitalized world. This is very much a feed-driven world where a majority of the users are pretty much content to carry on business on the go.

Experts point out that you could master the tricks of perfect web design with more and more practice and also via mistakes that you make. Web design mistakes are often an effective learning experience for businesses that are keen on promoting their business online. Digital marketing geniuses believe that it is better to learn how to do things right by going through past mistakes than faking perfection.

Here are some common and frequently committed web design mistakes that must be avoided so that Instagrammers would be enticed to visit and browse your website instead of bouncing off in no time. As per, website designing could be a difficult skill to master.

Often while creating a web design that boosts a lot of conversions and comes up with impressive revenues, several businesses even today are still struggling. You must always keep in mind that your business website must necessarily be intuitive and enormously appealing; however, it must be crafted in such a manner that it promotes conversions and makes a lot of money.

Mistake: Web Pages Are Loading Incredibly Slowly

Excessive pictures and videos contribute adversely and retard the loading speed of your website. You must understand the importance of your site’s loading speed since mobile users have a preference for convenience right from the word-go while browsing through your business website. You need to keep in mind that Instagrammers who are tempted to visit your site while going through your product images on your Instagram account.

Often Instagrammers would be compelled to bounce off almost immediately after visiting your website. That is simply because your site’s loading speed is incredibly slow and your site is not navigable smoothly. When visitors are made to wait for a considerably long time, they would surely bounce off. In this highly-digitalized era, nobody has any time to waste. Your SERP rankings are bound to dip dramatically as the search engines would not be considering your site while the process of indexing is in progress.

Corrective Steps to Take

  • Get rid of unnecessary videos or pictures that may adversely impact your site’s overall loading speed.
  • Be sure about the goals you are aspiring to achieve while designing your website.

Mistake: Designing for Devices instead of Designing for Screens

You must necessarily focus your attention on utilizing the advantage of the screen size to come up with intuitive and responsive web design and not depend on device categorization. You must remember that certain cell phone models are incredibly large while some desktop manufacturers would be matching even large television sizes.

Corrective Steps to Take: Regard screen size just for detecting responsive breakpoints.

Mistake: Failing to Understand Precise Buyer Persona & Forgetting to Buy Real Instagram Followers

The most important duty of an expert web designer is to clearly understand the buyer persona. Once you gather all relevant facts of the buyer and his behavior patterns as such, you are sure to get the apt answers to your important queries relevant to your website design. Often inexperienced web designers commit this mistake of crafting a business website without the robust foundation of buyer persona. You must check real Instagram followers to gain more engagement and promote online awareness.

Corrective Steps to Take

  • You must learn more about your specific target audience and understand the end-users.
  • Steer clear of cookie-cutter or standardized approach while crafting your website design
  • Keep Sharing Instagram posts on your business website
  • Always respond to the comments and queries of Instagram users as promptly as possible.

Mistake: Not Readily Available Call-To-Action

What is the objective of creating a website for your particular business? Are you looking for visitors to schedule an appointment, sign up for a newsletter, or request an estimate or quote? You must compel them to take the necessary step. Depending on your precise conversion objective, you must have a readily available and apt Call-to-Action on your website.


Strategic planning is vital to developing an intuitive and responsive website. The success of your overall brand promotion depends chiefly on a well-designed site that loads quickly and helps you to navigate smoothly throughout the length and breadth of the website. No site could gain name and fame online overnight. Your business could broaden its horizons and reach new heights with a highly-responsive and intuitive website.


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