WordPress Website Customization: 10 Best Practices and Tips You Need to Know

If you are already working on a WordPress theme that doesn’t fit right with your website’s needs, there are high chances of you ending up getting super frustrated. But why feel that way, when there are thousands of options available on the web that allow you to customize your website’s theme?

The actual challenge is finding the right one for your project.

In this write-up, we’ll throw some light on all the options available to you for WordPress customization. Analyzing each could help you determine the right fit for you after you select one, all you have to do is hire WordPress Coders and get on with the task in hand.

So let’s begin!


Available options for WordPress theme customization:

Before we get on to determining the right choice for your WordPress project, it is crucial to figure out what all options are available to us since different things would go in in different situations.

Let’s take an overview:

  • If adding functionality to the theme is your choice, use a plugin.
  • In your WordPress admin screen, you can find the Customizer used to customize fonts, layouts, and colors, as per your theme.
  • To customize the design of your website, you can use the page builder theme.
  • If you have already installed the framework theme, you can utilize any available child theme to carry forward with your website’s customization. These options can be found on the admin screen.
  • If you have a particular theme dedicated just to your website and you are comfortable maintaining it, then you can directly edit the code. If you plan on editing a third-party theme’s code, then you can develop a child theme.

If you need your code to be edited, you have a variety of options present on the web. From using the Customizer to the block editor, till the edit files, you can choose any.
You can hire WordPress Programmers to work on your website and expand your customization limit.

Let’s get a clearer view of your options:

  • Customizing your theme through the Customizer:
The easiest way to efficiently customize your WordPress theme is via the Customizer.
This can be accessed in two ways:
  1. After you have logged in, go to the Customizer link provided in the admin bar. This can be found on the top panel of your screen.
  2. When you reach the admin screen, select Appearance> Customize
    It will navigate you to the Customizer.

You must understand that various themes have various customization options. But the themes that are recently published seem to be adding more to the existing numbers. So if you are using a theme that is not suiting you well, you can update it by customizing it to get the exact design and layout you wished for.

Using Page builders and Frameworks:

A large portion of the WordPress themes is embedded with an array of customized solutions, which means one can make changes in the website’s layout and design using the Customizer.
But this is further extended with the use of some themes; thus, using them, the whole website can be significantly customized. These themes are referred to as theme frameworks.
To extend all your limits, you can hire WordPress developers and customize your website just the way you want to.

Another option can be implementing a plugin that allows you to design your website via a user-friendly interface, known as page builders. But for that, you would need a developer at your end to guide you through the process of integration.

Editing the WordPress theme:

Another thing that can be done to customize your WordPress website is editing the base code. Make sure you hire WordPress coders excellent and experienced in coding CSS or/and PHP. These coders will have in-depth knowledge of the entire process and implement each code the way it has to be done.

This step will provide you with the highest degree of control.

So, if you want to edit the theme that is specially coded just to fit perfectly with your website, then you can ask your developer to make the changes in the theme itself. However, if you are currently working with a third-party theme, and it needs to be edited, you must develop a child theme to create a backup. This way, you will not lose out any changes when you finally update the theme.

These are the three most appropriate ways of customizing your WordPress theme. But you will have to hire WordPress programmers for Website & theme Customization.
Let’s now move on to another vital aspect of WordPress theme customization, i.e., all the must-follow practices.

Let’s go!

The best practices for WordPress theme customization:

It’s good that you’re planning on taking your website to the next level. Still, before you get into the final customization, you must know all the most effective practices that will give you an edge over your competitors by increasing your web site’s functioning and aesthetics.

The tips will also help you ensure your website’s safety and prevent it from breaking, make it exposed to malware attacks, or let the code go missing.

Tip 1: Customize without editing the code:

Try to choose other alternatives, rather than editing the code. It is better to go for customization via the customer or any other option you may find in the admin screens. It will always prove to be safer than editing the code.

Only decide editing the code once you hire WordPress developers who are esports in CSS or PHP to be aware of all the safe practices of customization.

Tip 2: Use Version Control:

Ensure that you are using version control while making any change in your theme. The tool will help you track every update/change you make.
In simpler words, it will allow you to change the numbered version of your theme while maintaining records (as copies) of both versions.

Tip 3: Use a local development site for changes:

While editing the code of your theme or building a child theme to integrate changes, you should make sure your developer is doing all the work on a local WordPress installation, with the installed theme (yours) and your website’s content live.

This way, you can work on your live site’s mirror and make changes without exposing your existing site to risk.
Even if your developer is making changes via the Customizer, mirroring your site is still beneficial since you can make the changes public and test out your website, without hampering the live site.
Once all the changes are tested, they can be uploaded to the live website. Or your developer can try it on the staging website and make it live.

Parting Thoughts:

Customizing your WordPress website is the easy way to rapid business growth. A single change can drastically increase your website’s performance, making it shine in the competitive market, providing you with a business edge.

However, to carry out each task delicately and with extreme perfection, you will have to hire WordPress programmers skilled at doing the job.

Unleash your potential and rise high, with the right customization strategy and tools clubbed with the latest technologies and experienced developers.

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