12 Best FMovies Proxy, Mirror and Alternatives For 2021

FMovies is one of the most reliable free movies download websites that has become very popular in recent years. Due to its simplicity and a massive collection of movies and TV shows, FMovies outperforms many popular movies and tv shows websites in multiple aspects.

What is FMovies new address?

fmovies unblocked

The new working address for FMovies is fmovie.sc if the movies site is not working you can search the proxy and mirrors below. You can also use fmovies proxy sites to unblock FMovies.

FMovies Proxy and mirror sites

FMovies has been blocked in many countries and regions due to legal issues. Well if you don’t have access to FMovies then you can use these FMovies proxy and mirror sites to unblock FMovies movies.

Best FMovies Proxy / Mirror Sites List

These are the 3 best FMovies proxy sites that will help you unblock FMovies website effortlessly. In addition, these proxy sites are not banned in most countries.

Name URL Status
FMovies proxy 4 www4.fmovies.sc  ✅
FMovies proxy10 www10.fmovies.io  ✅
FMovies proxy 1 www1.fmovies.org  ✅

You can easily copy and paste these URLs into the search bar to access these FMovies proxy sites.

Why use FMovies Proxy and Mirror sites?

The main advantage of using FMovies Proxy and Mirror sites is the ability to access the original FMovies website as the main FMovies can be closed at any time. You can easily download your favorite TV shows, movies and documentaries from FMovies using the proxy and mirror sites.

In addition, FMovies mirror sites eliminate the need to use VPN to access this website. Finally, FMovies unblocked sites are also useful if FMovies is blocked in your country.

If you are in a country where FMovies site is blocked,  then to resolve your issue, we strongly recommend these top 10 reliable FMovies alternatives listed below.

Top 12 FMovies Alternatives

1. Bmovies

The first and one of the most reliable FMovies alternatives on the list is Bmovies. Bmovies.to is another popular online streaming website with lesser ads than comparable movie streaming sites. The letter B, in the name of Bmovies, means ‘box’ and ‘blockbuster’. On the big box, you can watch thousands of blockbuster movies, series online without paying or without registrations. You can also watch on any device. Please note that in many countries this service is not legal, while others have legal sanctions for its use.
BMovies FMovies Alternatives

Bmovies calls itself the next generation “Fmovies”, but a beautifully executed scam. The service is already very popular with millions of users and is most common in India. One of the best facts about this platform is that it comes with an attractive interface that allows you to easily explore a list of movies, episodes, TV shows and other streaming content.

2. SolarMovie.one

SolarMovie is the collection of the best and HD movies over the internet. Instead of keeping the movies on its servers, it essentially gives the movie’s live spill and download connections. The user-friendly web interface includes a free video frame search box on the first page.

SolarMovie website

In the hunt bar, users just have to provide the name of the movie and get free and instant access to that video. SolarMovie.ph users can also scan for the video films that fit like a violin of top or new video films.


3. IOMovies

IOMovies is one of the best ways to watch movies and TV shows in high-quality video and crystal clear sound. This easy-to-use tool allows you to watch the newly released films of the highest quality from the comfort of your table. The IOMovies website has divided itself into sections namely Home, Television Shows, Movies, Average Rating, New Releases, Genre, Year, and country.

IOMovies website

You can tap your desired to get the related schedule and hit the home button that will take you back to the main interface. In this tool, you have direct access to the recommended movies from newly released to classic movies that are still popular among the user community.

4. Popcorn Time

The Popcorn Time is an immensely popular feature-rich movies streaming site. This FMovies. Popcorn Time is a multi-platform, free software BitTorrent client with an integrated media player. The applications offer a free alternative to subscription-based video streaming services such as Netflix. Popcorn Time uses sequential downloading to stream video listed by various movie and Tv SHOWS websites, and third-party trackers can also be added manually.

It contains a huge collection of high definition content that is regularly updated with new things. All the movies and TV shows on these sites consist of a number of options and each option has its titles for high quality and fast browsing. The core categories include Action, Love, Romance, War-based, Comedy, Horror and many more.

Key Features of Popcorn Time:

  • Great movies and TV shows – Popcorn Time constantly searches the internet for the best torrents from the major sites.
  • No limits – Watch any movie or TV show as often as you like. All you need to get started is a good internet connection.
  • Great catalog – If the movie or TV show is there, Popcorn Time will find the best possible version and start streaming immediately.
  • Great catalog – If the movie or TV show is there, Popcorn Time will find the best possible version and start streaming immediately.
  • The best quality – Watch your movie or episode directly in HD with subtitles. And then keep looking.


5. 123movies

Just like the name, 123Movies is a platform that provides only the movies and TV shows in HD quality with also high quality sound. It is one of the best resources on the internet to watch movies and series in high quality.


It is also a source tool for getting verified movies. 123Movies offers all those things and materials in such a great way that it benefits the users. Each movie on this platform also includes details about a movie such as a cast, directors, trailer, image gallery and much more.


6. GoMovies

GoMovies is a perfect FMovies alternative for movie buffs. GoMovies’s well-developed user interface helps the website stand out from the crowd.

The platform has a huge collection of the world’s best multi-genre films like Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi, War-based, Romantic, Funny and many others. Each has its movies that are regularly updated with new content.


Gomovies is completely free to use the website and you can access it from anywhere in the world. Gomovies.online.me does not require registration to watch movies, but if you want to receive an update with the latest videos, you must subscribe with an email address verification.


7. Movies123

Movies123 is another FMovies alternative, which is hugely popular with movie buffs. Movies123 is a streams and downloads website. This website claimed to only offer HD movies for streaming and download purposes. The videos here are spread across the genre of action, music, romance, mystery, horror, sci-fi, fantasy and much more.

movies123 websites

The website interface is impressive and we are sure you will have no trouble looking for the movie you want. It also contains hundreds of TV series. Movies123 is a perfect option to watch or download your favorite movies for free. Instead of storing the movie files on the server, the content available on Movies123 is provided by non-affiliated third parties.


8. Movie4k

Movie4k is one of the best and easiest movies streaming website that allows you to watch unlimited HD movies for free even without registration. It offers all the popular box office movies to its visitors and offers a quite stunning and simple interface that makes it easy for everyone to choose and play a movie of their interest.

movie4k website

The site claims that it offers the fastest streaming speed and offers movies and TV shows to watch in different languages, making it better than others. Movie4k offers several ways to find your favorite movies like exploring the categories, sorting movies by year, actors and country and using the powerful search box that displays your movie or TV show in seconds.


9. Yify.stream

If you’re looking for a website to watch free movies and TV shows, we suggest giving Yify a try here. On this platform, you will have the opportunity to search thousands of TV shows, movies and documentaries for free.

Yify best FMovies alternatives

It also contains hundreds of TV series. Overall, Yify website is a perfect option to watch or download your favorite movies for free. The service may not be legal in your country of residence, as laws and regulations may vary by region. Instead of storing the movie files on the server, the content available on Yify is provided by unaffiliated third parties.


10. YesMovies

The next perfect FMovies alternative on the list is YesMovies . Just like free movies download websites, FMovies also has a huge collection of movies and tv shows. YesMovies differs from the rest of the entertainment based websites. The movies are dedicated to HD movies and TV shows that can be watched all for free.

If you’re looking for a dedicated platform for watching your favorite movies, here we present the YesMovies, home to thousands of the best movies. It contains no ads at all. You can expect ad-free videos from the YesMovies online platform for an uninterrupted viewing experience.

11. F5Movies

The next best FMovies alternative on the list is “F5Movies“. Like FMovies, F5Movies also has a very well-developed user interface that makes searching for suitable movies quite easy. F5Movies is another movie and TV series streaming site that allows you to watch high quality videos anywhere in the world. It is similar to other free streaming sites like FMovies, but it introduces many new features and tools that make it a more enjoyable streaming site.

One of the most interesting facts about this site is that it offers entertainment news about all your favorite movies, upcoming movies, actors and all other related things. It also offers an IMDb rating system that allows you to quickly sort the highest rated videos and TV series that will save you a lot of time and provide amazing things to watch.


12. MoviesFlixPro

The latest FMovies alternative on the site is MoviesFlixPro.  The site is relatively new, but due to its useful features it has gained some popularity.

The website interface is impressive and we are sure you will have no trouble looking for the movie you want. It also contains hundreds of TV series. MoviesFlixPro is a perfect option to watch or download your favorite movies for free. Instead of storing the movie files on the server, the content available on MoviesFlixPro is provided by non-affiliated third parties.

As with other FMovies alternatives, content on MoviesFlixPro is organized into several sections such as 300MB Movies,1080p Movies,480p Movies,720p Movies,Hindi Series, Dual Audio, and you can also download PC games free from here as well!

How to Download from FMovies

Have you ever felt like you liked a video and it’s too eye-catching and appealing that you want to watch it again.
But you are afraid that it may be deleted or deleted or that your data is limited, so you cannot go back to Fmovies.sc every time you want to view it. so you want to save that specific video offline to watch it whenever and wherever you want.
Well, you are one step closer to downloading your movies from fmovies straight to your device without using any software or add-ons. Now you just need to follow these instructions to save / download movies from fmovies on your Android mobile, PC or other device and watch them later without connecting to the internet with the Best Fmovies Downloader Online (9xbuddy).
  • If you want to download any movie from FMovies Simply click HERE.

What is FMovies new address?

The latest FMovies website is https://ww5.fmovie.sc/

Is FMovies safe?

FMovies is a completely safe website and you will not experience any security issues while using it. That said, users are advised not to use an unknown FMovies mirror or FMovies proxy as they may ask for credit card information or even display malware or adware.

Wrapping Up

So, these were some of the best FMovies alternatives worth checking out.

Disclaimer: Techbulleting.com does not endorse the use of torrents to obtain illegal content. Using the following movie websites for illegal purposes is entirely at your own risk. Techbulleting is not responsible for any legal issues you may encounter.

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