Social Media Addiction: Issues and 7 Tactics to Get Over It

Social media platforms bring us closer to people residing in different parts of the globe. If you need urgent assignment help, you can even get in touch with professional experts through Instagram or Facebook. But, one thing we must look out for is to thwart ourselves from getting addicted.

Issues Associated with Social Media Addiction

Many people addicted to social media have a mental illness. This is because we

  • Compare our status or well-being with that of other people
  • Start feeling lonely when we see people post pictures with friends or share travel videos
  • Distance ourselves from people with whom we can have an actual conversation rather than a virtual one
  • Get depressed when we find that our friends have accomplished so much in their life.

The list is endless as people interpret social media platforms in a different way. We often see that we go berserk when we don’t receive appreciation in the form of views or likes. But, we should remember that these accounts are only transient, merely castles made of sand.

Tactics to Employ for Restricting Our Usage

It is always wise to address the root cause when we look at a problem. When we discuss social media boundaries, the first step we should take is to limit our usage to a bare minimum. Unless you are running a business, and you are dealing with consumers, you should follow the points mentioned below.

1. Set Yourself a Time Limit

To be honest, it doesn’t take much time to scroll through your feed and go through posts of the people you are following. Thus, you should bring it down to half an hour a day. But, it might be difficult for you to perform this monumental task if you are logged in for 10+ hours a day. Most social media platforms have a ‘daily reminder’ option with which you can decrease the time.

2. Optimize your Feed

We often get jealous and saddened when we see a person with better skills, social life or achievements. In this context, the word ‘better’ is highly contagious. It affects our cognitive processing, and in the process, we forget that we have a lot of things to celebrate about. Take this tip as an instant assignment help yourself as soon as possible.

3. Refrain from Chatting with Negative-minded People

We are influenced by the people with whom we share maximum time. To stop ourselves from getting pulled in the wrong direction, we should cut off ties with ill-minded people. These people will demotivate you, offer you the wrong advice, etc. Thus, it is vital that you stay in touch with a like-minded person, someone who won’t say, “You can’t achieve this”.

4. Take Digital Sabbatical as an Experiment

The best way to move ahead or get past something disturbing is to unplug. If social media activities are overwhelming for you, just take a digital sabbatical. Refrain from using your smartphones. Only pick it up if you have an urgent call to receive or make. If you take it as an experiment, you will notice significant changes. You will be more relaxed.

5. Consult a Counsellor

Often, we can’t comprehend how worse our situation is. When it comes to anxiety, depression, psychologists and counsellors are the ones who can offer the best advice. Most importantly, you should abide by their suggestion, and sit for counselling sessions if need be. Mental illness is often considered a stigma in some culture, but do not pay heed to any inappropriate remarks.

Turn off the Notification Alerts

You can concentrate on your work only when you are not perturbed by notification alerts from Facebook Messenger, Instagram, etc. It is extremely distracting when you hear the bells ring every minute. Take it this way. If you check out all the notifications at once, it will be a good ego boost for you. The experience will be more rewarding.

Invest More Time in Your Hobby
If you have leisure time in your hand, spend it on your hobby. For instance, if you are interested in singing, you should look for videos online or take classes to enhance your skills. The main idea is to invest your time in something productive. Moreover, you can join online groups to become part of a large community that harbors positivity and where the people are enthusiastic.

As you can see, it all boils down to your will power. Agreed, it is not easy to control your mind. However, if practice meditation daily, you will observe changes in your mindset. If you are writing an essay on the Impacts of Social Media Fixation, you can borrow the points discussed here. But, if you want urgent assignment help, you should consult the professional experts.

Summary: The article portrays the issues that come with social media addiction. Certain tips have been specified here, which will help you overcome your weakness towards Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Eventually, you will spend less time.

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