Is Web Hosting Vital For SEO?

For SEO every single detail like SEO strategies, SEM, SMM, etc. matters a lot. But, one of the important details that gets neglected most of the time is a web host. Unfortunately, people think about it at last. Whereas, if you know its importance then it should get the weight-age of the first place that needs to be considered for SEO.

So, in short, I will say, yes web hosting is a very vital parameter of SEO. If you want to know how then read this article completely. Also, the type of hosting and quality of hosting services have a big impact on your website rankings. The web hosting service should be able to manage the traffic on your site and its overall performance.

Once the site gets developed, it needs a place where it can be stored safely. So, the place where the website is stored is known as a server, where it uses resources like CPU, RAM, bandwidth, etc. to get displayed on the web. This service of providing a server to host a website is known as web hosting. So, think before putting your website on any random hosting as it will further hamper the results of your SEO.
Now you know that unlimited hosting is important for SEO, so, let’s see, how it is important and parameters of web hosting should consider before selecting one.

 1. Speed

The speed of a website is essential as it directly impacts sales. So, if you are working on a digital platform, there is no escape plan for the speed of a website. Remember that people hate slow websites, put yourself in their place. When you browse a site and it doesn’t get a load, then within 3-5 seconds you tend to move to another option, isn’t it? The same applies to your site, so make sure the website gets loaded fast.
How will you identify a web hosting provider that will be able to offer high speed to your website?
You can also opt for cheap reseller hosting unless all your hosting needs are fulfilled.
Well, it is very easy.
Go for the hosting provider that offers pure SSD storage. As compared to traditional HDD, the new and speedy SSD storage space accelerates your site about 200 times, making it easy to load on the web.

2. Uptime and Downtime

Search engines are all answer platforms. Where people shoot their queries and search engine crawlers for the most suitable answer options and serve that to users. So, when these results are kept forward, the ranking is decided on the basis of time spent by users on them. More time spent means the web page will get a higher ranking.
All this process happens, only if your website is accessible by the crawlers. So, if the uptime of a site is good then the crawler will identify the site, as it is the percent of the time for which website remains on the internet.
If the website has more downtime then the website will not be accessible for crawlers, and search engines will never be able to know that your site exists. So, to improve the SEO ranking make sure you select the web hosting provider with at least 99.9%.

3. Server location

The search engine considers the location of the server before delivering the results. It looks for the user’s location, business location, a place where the website is hosted, etc. The reason behind this is the location of your hosted website determines how far the data has to travel, which also has an impact on speed.
Most of the cheap web hosting doesn’t provide various server locations. Thus, go for the trusted solution that offers different country wise server locations for your site. If your business is located in the UK then you should prefer the datacenter (server) located in the UK itself. It will eliminate the latency and distance traveled by the data. So, when any person searches for options in the UK, then your website will be shown on top results. This increases SEO rankings for the website.

4. Security

Another parameter that can degrade the SEO performance is website security. The popular content management system like WordPress can also get infected with vulnerabilities if it is not maintained properly.
Due to digitalization, the risk of cyber threats has also increased. This results in an easy hack of your website or infects the site with irrelevant content like gambling. This hugely impacts the trust issue of search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc.
The best web hosting provider like MilesWeb guarantees that they scan their servers on a daily basis. The technical team takes the responsibility of keeping a website away from any type of threat and cyber attacks. A hacked website will never rank search engines, whereas the site with total security gets better SEO results.

Web Hosting Affects SEO Rankings

Deciding a web hosting partner is not that difficult task, if you know, what exactly to look for. Always remember great hosting will not immediately boost your website to the top of the search engines. But, it will surely help to boost if you follow all the SEO guidelines and protocols. Never follow the black HAT SEO process and work towards the site’s SEO performance.