How to Redesign Mobile App

Mobile Apps can attract a massive audience across the globe due to their intuitive and attractive design. Various industries around the world have initially launched websites and later shifted their business to mobile apps.

App development technologies are evolving rapidly. Also, UI/UX design trends are improving every year. The mobile apps that consume today might become a thing of the past within a few years. Hence, all the persons involved in the field of designing and development have to learn new things continuously.

Creative designers are releasing new methods of designing UI/UX of apps every now and then. However, when the modern methods of UI/UX turn into trends depends solely on the user’s acceptance. To ensure that your business doesn’t lose customers, you need to evolve with the app design trends.

What was considered excellent in mobile app designing over the last few years may have become outdated now? However, this relies on the user’s behavior.

Modern app designers constantly observe how users respond to the mobile app design from time to time.

If you are running a business via a mobile app and it is facing issues of user engagement? Then this is the time to think about mobile app redesign.

But as mobile app design is not a simple task, you have to verify accurately whether your app requires a redesign or not.

To clear all your doubts, in this post, we will list out some reasons why your app needs a redesign and then provide you some best app design practices for redesigning your mobile app.

Why does your app need a redesign?

If you have designed a mobile app for your business a few years back, then there is a strong possibility that it doesn’t generate the similar revenue like in the past.

This happens as the user’s expectations are continually evolving. They love to experience new features, functionalities in your app that may be available in other apps in the market.

However, you may still have a question. Is it essential to redesign an app? The answer to this question relies on when the app requires updates as follows:

Increase Competition in Terms of Features

Competitor apps have better features and functionalities. One of the important factors that forces for redesign are competitors. If your competitors are looking for product improvement, then you should also consider the same.

If you don’t follow up with your competitors, you might even lose your current users too.

Hence, you should closely observe what your competitors are doing and try to implement new things in your app. This is one of the simplest approaches towards a mobile app redesign.

Decrease in Popularity on App Stores

An app loses popularity when users start identifying bugs and errors in it. However, they don’t stop there; they also provide negative feedback on the app along with low ratings. Due to things, you might lose a vast number of users.

Lack of user engagement, along with the negative reviews, is the clear sign that your app requires a redesign. Hence, you shouldn’t delay the app redesign process by any chance.

Technical Errors in the App

This situation occurs if a business owner releases an app without considering the features and testing at the start.

Based on the target audience needs, UI & features should be redesigned. If you integrate more features in the app than its capacity, then it will become prone to errors.

Identifying errors in a mobile app is a lifelong process. As and when you find errors, try to resolve them instantly. If there are a lot of errors, consider redesigning the entire app.

Plan to Scale App

If you want to target new users in your app, then you need to integrate new features and functionalities. You can achieve this with the help of redesign.


If you are running a business and thinking to give it a new look and feel via rebranding, then your app also requires a redesign.

Apart from including graphics updates, you might also have to consider functional changes also, based on your brand’s vision.

Now, let’s look after some of the highly crucial app design practices.

Mobile App Redesign Best Practices

Now, when you think about redesign, the first question that might occur in your mind is, Which is a Good App Design Practice? As of now, there are a wide number of app design best practices available in the market. Out of which, we will here focus on some core practices as given below.

Find the main cause of redesign

Earlier, we have provided you some essential reasons for the app redesign, but not all these points suit in case of your business.

For this, you need to identify the highly important reasons behind the app redesign. For example, an outdated design might require fewer changes as compared to an app that lacks an important feature.

Here, you can also reach out to professionals; they will help find the main cause of app redesign.

Obtain User Feedback

One of the key app design practices is asking users to provide feedback of your mobile application. You can collect feedback from the comments section on the App Store, or you can ask users to fill a survey form.

By following this, you will be sure if your business is moving in the right direction and also know what your target audience wants.

Consider all the authentic feedback available to you and then update your app accordingly.

Analyze your competitors

As mentioned earlier, learn and understand your competitors to increase the ROI of your business.

You identified that your competitors are getting positive reviews and more downloads, then you should dig deep into it. For this, download your competitor’s apps, use it, and check why users are aroused for buying from them.

In this process, you may discover some highly-crucial features. Now, integrate these features into your app.

Choose UI based on Priority Functions

Several mobile apps are designed, considering comprehensive features and UI. After some time, users face some issues in mobile apps and you may be able to provide a smooth experience.

This must-have occurred because of some primary reasons such as overwhelming users with a lot of features that are not necessary and secondly not utilizing the user’s screen properly.

This can be overcomed by using reducing features in mobile apps and integrating more icons and badges as compared to text. Your main goal is to allow users to find the core functions of the app instantly.

Add new Logos and Colors of the Brand

Sometimes, rebranding is the primary reason behind an app’s redesign. This is important as nobody likes to stay the same.

The foremost thing here is to decide the optimal color scheme of your current mobile app. Here, you should note that your brand’s logo, app screens, and other things should align well with the schemes of colors you decide.

Every time you update all the above things, it evokes different types of emotions in the mind of the customers.

Quickly Adapt to changes in Platform Design Guidelines

If you have designed your application in iOS7 for iPhone and Kitkat for Android, then you should definitely think of mobile app redesign. Why? Because these versions of OS are becoming older with passing days.

Refer to the latest design guidelines of both the platforms, Android and iOS and update your app accordingly.


Various startups and SMEs across the globe have taken their business to the next level by opting for mobile app redesign. If you also want to redesign your mobile app, then you can approach a mobile app development company. They will redesign your mobile app as per the latest UI/UX trends.