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DomainRacer vs Hostinger (Top 5 Features Based Comparison)

DomainRacer vs Hostinger – I have experienced most of the top web hosting providers in the industry and compared best two hosting providers on the basis of various parameters to make a good choice.

I will rattle off what both the organizations, and afterward you can choose for yourselves with regards to which one will be your new companion.

Foresee creating and planning a website with each surprising features and information accessible, however not having anybody to see or visit the website. Obviously, nobody will need to sit around time and exertion on such purposeless action.

All things considered, the availability of your website to others relies upon the website hosting cost in India. It is an applicable piece of your website that must never be absent or ineffectual.

DomainRacer vs Hostinger- Introduction

DomainRacer is a popular cheapest domain registrar and web hosting provider in the present time. DomainRacer is a well-known name with regards to buying web hosting services for any size of business or domain name for the site.

DomainRacer amazing bundles make them unique and stand in the opposition by their special features offering and low price plans.

Hostinger is a budget-friendly company working for providing the best quality hosting services and low-cost plans.

Hostinger have millions of customers throughout the world signing up for the hosting services. Their servers are located in different countries to provide the fastest service.

Check out these DomainRacer vs Hostinger affiliate program features.

DomainRacer vs Hostinger Hosting: Features

Both the hosting providers are from the top list of cheapest linux hosting India services. We analysed and compared both the hosting providers on some of the essential features important to take the best decision.

DomainRacer vs Hostinger Pricing of Plans

Price is the most important factor that we used to compare while purchasing anything because everyone wants to save their hard-earn money. We have compared the pricing of both hosting providers’ plans.

DomainRacer Hosting Plans Price

Basic – This is the basic plan of web hosting starting from a very cheap price of $0.99 per month. This plan is suitable for basic blogs and websites.

Personal plan – This plan is suitable for average traffic websites and costing only $1.69 per month.

Silver Plan – Silver web hosting plan costs $2.9 per month only. This plan is best for growing websites with heavy traffic.

Advanced Plan – This plan have lot of exciting and unlimited features and best for heavy traffic business. This plan has cost of just $ 4.29 per month with free domain.

Hostinger Hosting Plans Price

Single Shared Hosting- The shared hosting plan of Hostinger comes with low cost of $0.99 per month which is affordable and best plan for beginner.

Premium Shared Hosting Plan- The plan of premium shared hosting have cost of $2.89 per month. This is the best package for personal websites.

Business Shared Hosting Plans – This is the most popular and sold plan of Hostinger at $3.99 per month perfectly fit for small and medium scale business.

Cloud Hosting- This is the advance plan for high traffic business at $7.45 per month with unlimited features.

DomainRacer Web Hosting and Hostinger Web Hosting: Speed

DomainRacer and Hostinger the two organizations offer the Hosting administration with SSD (Solid State Drives). SSDs are the most recent large progression in data storage innovation, bringing about quicker and progressively solid hosting for your website.
In view of the speed testing results, both web hosting suppliers accomplish a quick page stacking speed. In any case, DomainRacer speed is quicker than Hostinger.

DomainRacer Speed Test Result

speed test of domainracer web hosting

Hostinger Speed Test Result

hostinger web hosting speed test

DomainRacer or Hostinger Hosting: Uptime

Uptime is one of the most significant elements that ought not be neglected while picking a webhost for your website.
Uptime alludes to the ideal opportunity for which the servers of a specific web have were on the web and working appropriately.

Both the Hosting provider offers relatively high uptime but if we have to find the best one them DomainRacer is most precise than Hostinger. DomainRacer Offers 99.9% server uptime while the Hostinger offer 99.55% uptime.

Customer/ Technical Support

Regardless of how incredible the features and service of web hosting suppliers are, you will experience issues or need a few types of help after some time. In this way, these web hosting organizations for the most part have a group of specialists who are consistently accessible to respond to your inquiries and give answers for any issues that you may have.

DomainRacer Provide the best customer support at any time whenever their customers need it. They are available on call, chat, email and through ticket.
Hostinger is also doing great in providing timely response to the customer. Though it is hard to decide on which is best DomainRacer vs Hostinger.

DomainRacer versus Hostinger Web Hosting: Final Verdict

Both the hosting providers are working to offer quality of service to their customers. If you want to make a wise decision then read the guide carefully. It covered all the important points necessary to take decision like uptime, speed, support and price.

DomainRacer is proved to be on top in terms of speed and uptime when we look for DomainRacer vs Hostinger for WordPress hosting. It is best solution with various other attractive benefits.

If you are a beginner then you may wish for the cheapest web hosting and kvm vps cheap hosting solution. For that need DomainRacer is the best choice as their plans are relatively cheaper than Hostinger.

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